5 comments on “REPOST: Practical AR15 Enhancements

  1. If you’re referring to the AR in the stock picture, we can’t say as it’s not ours. Got it for illustration purposes. However, if we understand your question correctly, yes, you can, ‘co-witness’ the Aimpoint and the front sight. Truth be told, we don’t see the utility of it. When setting up an AR with ‘pop up’ reserve iron sights, we always zero the AR with the irons first, and when complete, fold them down and then mount and zero the optics. Hope this helps.

  2. I personally know of an LEO shop that makes it mandatory that the optic and the irons co-witness. I have no idea why this was set as a holy writ. Your logic is solid as the whole damn efficiency of a single aiming point is that you don’t have two reference points to try and focus on. Some Euclidian water head probably decided that three simply MUST be better than two because it’s a bigger number, don’t ya know!

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