4 comments on “UPDATE: Yet ANOTHER Reason Why You Should Have These Water Filtration Systems….

  1. Been a Long time lurker here guys, thought I would save everyone a little bit of cash on top of it. This Non-profit http://store.wavesforwater.org/ sells the exact same filter minus the bucket for $50.00. In addition it also has a ceramic filter which removes hazardous chlorine, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Which fiber micron filters don’t. This is especially important in farm/rural areas where runoff water can lead to streams and there is possible pesticide contamination.

    Save some coin, and get a couple solid purification system.

  2. Thanks for swinging by.

    Stated on the Wavesofwater.org site: “If your in need of a filtration system dealing with bacteria with the addition of severe viruses then the .02 would be recommended. Please note we do not offer or sell the .02 filtration system.”

    The $50 filter that you referenced (unless I missed something) is only good to .10 micron filtration . . . and is NOT the same as the Sawyer .02 filtration kit that GLSC offers. Waves does not claim to have be selling anything more than a .10 filter.

    Also worth noting – although I think the project that wavesofwater is working on to be a worth-while endeavor, the .10 filtration level Sawyer filter that they are pushing is not adequate for waterborne virus protection after a hurricane or tsunami, especially in an urban setting. I’m guessing the reason is more than likely due to the price point of the better filtration. However, expense does not change the fact that waterborne viruses are an issue during a disaster that interrupts normal sanitation efforts.

    The owner of GLSC has written about this before: “If viruses are a concern, go with a .02 filter or supplement your .10 filter with stabilized oxygen drops.” The GLSC guys have done their homework on this topic forward and back on this stuff.

  3. I’ve got that same filtration system, two of them as a matter of fact. I bought mine on BassPro’s website and I think I paid something like 79 bucks apiece for them a couple of years ago. One of them goes camping with me, the other is in my preps.
    They work great, just gotta remember to backflush them occasionally.
    You might want to check Basspro.com, they may offer them at a cheaper price than $125.

  4. Not saying that you didn’t get what you have. Currently however, they (www.basspro.com) offers no such .02 filtration for $79 as of this morning. Although that’s a great sale price if you did. The only bucket filtration set up they have on their site is the normal .10 wilderness filter that can be used with a bucket system “All in One”. It still doesn’t take care of viruses though. The rest of the Sawyers at Bass Pro are also .10 .

    If you see a sawyer bucket filter for less than $125, it’s probably the .10 filter and not the .02. There is a big difference in what they can filter out of your water. If it doesn’t say: “Sawyer Point ZeroTWO™ Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit”, it’s not the filter we are talking about.

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