12 comments on “New UPDATE: Updated Product Review: Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpening System

  1. I’ve used Lansky also, back in the mid-90’s; ended up, until the Edge Pro, going with free hand using ‘Razor’s Edge’ system stones and sometimes one of their jigs. They both work ‘ok’, but this thing leaves them in the dust!! It’s absolutely worth the money. Hope you’re able to get one.

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  3. I do not want to appear ignorant here, I just want to be educated. What would be the reason for having to sharpen a knife to the degree described in the article? Isn’t a “sharp” knife good enough to suit it’s purpose, unless you are performing field surgery, of course.

  4. I’ve found that a knife properly ground and sharpened so that it shaves keeps its edge longer in the field with little to no maintenance (outside of abuse..like sticking it in the dirt or running the edge against a rock or something….) We use our primary blades for those tasks we might want a very sharp, very tough edge for, and have smaller folders that are just as sharp for other tasks one might need a smaller blade for. An example of why one might want a shaving sharp blade would be to cut someone out of their harness/LBE quickly in an emergency situation. Others mileage may vary, but we make it a practice not to judge a knife field ready unless it’s shaving sharp.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Are you able to use this system with say a tomahawk? Or does the thickness of the head interfere with sharpening guides.

    Thanks Skeeter

  6. Skeeter, first, thanks for stopping by! The system, unfortunately, isn’t large enough to do a tomahawk. I still use a large ‘razor edge’ hone on my hawk. I’ve been doing it long enough that I can ‘feel’ if I’m on the correct angle. For me, hand honing a hawk is fine, because it shouldn’t be as sharp as a knife with all the chopping it will do (mine, anyway, as I use it for a tool when training/teaching survival skils).

    The Apex system can, however, be adapted for small knives and scissors. Here’s there site: http://www.edgeproinc.com

  7. DTG
    Thanks for reposting. This is very interesting.

    I used Lansky system for many years. It’s ok, but I gave it to my driver on our 2d trip to Iraq. He liked it and I was mostly using a DMT hone.

    $300 sounds pricey, and it is a huge up front cost. However, with good waterstones starting at $50 and going over $100 for common grits, the price of this system is reasonable.

    I use two Norton stones to freehand my razor and DMT for everything else. All free hand. I’m good at it. That said, this system looks like a great option for production scale work. It’s on the shopping list when budget allows.

    Thanks again. Useful info

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