Weather Breaks – Take Advantage of Them!

We’ve had a steady warming trend here.  52 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, with just a bit of mist.  As fortune would have it, my lack of scheduled meetings provided me a couple of hours for some PT.  So…….a good ruck walk was in order to shake down old equipment (me) and see how I’d fare with 60 pounds and 4 miles.

Not bad. Fastest was 16.5 minutes; average was about 17 minutes, give or take.

No injuries, no flat tires, no broken straps, no funny looks…ok, maybe a few…and I had a good breeze out of the South and Southeast that gave me a nice cooling effect about half the time.

Today it’s supposed to drop back in the lower 30’s and dump a few more inches of snow on the area.  Back to winter PT programs.  Spring is coming.  By May my goal is to be humping 80 pounds again for up to 10 miles.  When I ruck, I go until the distance I’ve chosen is over.  Minimal water and no rest.  It’s a conditioning exercise.  Actually helps with other PT, too.  If you don’t have a program, get going and develop one.

You’ll be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “Weather Breaks – Take Advantage of Them!

  1. Daniel

    Agreed. Last Sunday was the first non-brutal-cold day here in about six weeks. Got myself out for three miles in a sleet storm with 44 pounds and similar pace times to yours. Personally love the bad weather as long as I won’t lose half my face frozen off.

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