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Wishing You a Fulfilling and Happy Thanksgiving!

Feel free to comment on what you are thankful for today.  Me?  God staying his wrath upon an undeserving Nation yet another day, my family, my physical abilities, the reprieve we’ve been given from the on-going slide into tyranny, cheap ammo, a flooded firearms market (low, low, LOW prices), range time, a good job, all my friends, and the folks who kindly drop in here, read and comment.

May you have a wonderful day enjoying whatever traditions you have, safely traveling wherever you go, and many good memories enjoyed from today and other Thanksgiving celebrations.

Time to Get Serious – Especially if You Are on the Fence Regarding Carrying Concealed…

Yes, it is time to get serious.  Take a look at this previous post regarding ISIS’ new dictate to target the young (they don’t say how young, either) and to ‘hit and git’ to come back and fight again.  Suicide is now out of vogue, so when they hit, it’s more of a military operation than a random, “I need to go see my 72 Virgins,” act.

They’re here, they’re serious, and even in your high rise office building, doing million dollar sales during your morning coffee, you might find yourself faced with a steely-eyed adherent of Islam.

Wha’cha gonna do when they come for YOU?

One good SUPERB answer is:  2 in the hips, one in the head.

To do that, however, you need to do three things with your sidearm of choice:

  1.  Practice
  2.  Practice
  3.  Practice

And that means not just putting rounds down range for score on a KDR (Known Distance Range), although until you get that down pat, everything else is just theory.

Shoot at least once a month; preferably twice or more.  About an hour a session.  Don’t forget your dry fire.  Between range days, dry fire makes all the difference in hitting that itty bitty spot in the CNS to stop a bad guy.

For ammo, find yourself the defensive round you like, and buy in bulk.  Also buy the same weight ammo from the same manufacturer (if you can find it and can afford it), and shoot one magazine of defensive ammo for every ten you shoot of ball (aka ‘Full Metal Jacket’).  That way you’ll be used to the recoil difference (and there IS noticeable difference between same weight ball and defensive ammo).

Me?  I’m a 2 caliber guy, so I shoot both 9mm and .45ACP.  Just found a hell of a deal for 1K 230gr Federal HST on ‘’ for .48 per round with free shipping.  Don’t know how long that will last.

I also know that some sporting good stores put Remington 115gr 9mm on sale for $10 per box of 50 with a $5 mail in rebate from Remington. That’s $100 per thousand rounds.  You can’t hand load for that!!

So, there’s really no reason not to be able to get your ammo….presuming you have a good, reliable sidearm.  And, no, I’m not going to get into which is better.  I shoot anything from S&W to Sig to Glock to Kimber to Ruger to Colt.  I love ’em all.  Some more than others, but they’re all shooters.

The bottom line is this:

  • If you don’t have one, get a CPL.  Also get some sort of ‘shooting incident insurance’ like CCW Safe or similar.
  • Get better with your personal side arm.
  • Carry it.  Every day.  You might save someone’s life.
  • Clean it every couple days.
  • Dry fire consistently.
  • Got to the range minimally once a month; preferably 2 or more sessions.

Oh….and do your PT…you’ll shoot better.

And in Case You Were Wondering….

Sultan Knish provides the information on what is really said and meant by, “Allahu Akbar”….once you understand, everything else will fall into place.  Be sure to read the whole piece.

Then, go do your ruck, pistol, and rifle work.

“To understand the violent history of “Allahu Akbar”, let’s climb into a time machine and go back to the year 628 and to a place that will one day be known as Saudi Arabia. It’s hot out here in the desert. Temperatures from the spring to the fall routinely cross the hundred degree mark and keep going.

We’re in Khaybar. It’s a desert oasis maintained by the Jews. If being in 109 degree heat has got you down, you stop by the oasis, and have a cool drink of water and some dates. Then you keep going. Out here trade runs through the desert and the oasis is a gas station. If you want to choke off major trade routes, you go after an oasis. And that’s what a cult leader whose followers today terrorize the world by attacking its travel routes, airline hijackings, pirates preying on ships, train and bus bombs, was doing.

Muslims call what happened next, the “Battle of Khaybar”. Like most Muslim battles, it was a treacherous ambush and a massacre. And it helps explain why there are no Jews in Saudi Arabia today. Nor do Muslims regret this act of ethnic cleansing. Instead they celebrate it. Muslims still threaten Jews by chanting, “Khaybar, Khaybar ya Yahud.” “Remember Khaybar, Jews, Mohammed’s Army Will Return.”

And “Allahu Akbar?”

That’s what Mohammed shouted as he realized that his surprise attack had been successful. “Allahu-Akbar! Khaybar is destroyed.” He boasted that any nation attacked by Muslims would suffer a similar fate. And then he “had their warriors killed, their offspring and woman taken as captives”. Mohammed also picked up his own sex slave. “Safiya was amongst the captives. She first came in the share of Dahya Alkali but later on she belonged to the Prophet.” Safiya’s husband had been murdered. Like their ISIS successors, the Prophet of Islam’s band of killers and rapists took the women as slaves.

That’s where “Allahu Akbar” originated. And that’s why Muslims still shout it at terrorist attacks.

Allahu Akbar does not mean “God is Great.” It means “Allah is Greater”. What was Allah greater than at Khaybar? Allah was greater than the religion of the Jews because Mohammed was able to defeat them.

In Islam, a religious war is also a religious test. Muslim victories demonstrate the supremacy of Allah.”


ISIS Changes Tactical Instructions…

No more suicide missions; apparently the Virgins of Paradise are either all taken or they’re not impressed with the ones who blew themselves up or did a run at a belt fed.

However, those of you who are not considered ‘middle aged’ or have children, might want to re-examine your lapse in training (if, of course, that’s the case) and skip to the part where these POS are going to go after the young before the old.  Sure, it’s talking about Europe, but reflect on NYC for a moment.  The tactic is here.  And the purpose in that ought to be glaring:  Who would not be terrorized knowing their beautiful, innocent, non-combatant children (including newly minted 18 year olds) were targets?  Leave the elders with the memory of their young ones dying violently.

So, read on.  Then get your ruck out.  Do your dry fire.  Get back to work.

Emphasis added.

By way of, “Yer Old Woodpile Report,” here.  If you aren’t checking this weekly (usually comes out on Tuesday or Wednesday), you need to be.  Informative and entertaining.

PJ Media is pretty good, too, so check that out on occassion!

ISIS to Jihadists: No ‘Showing Off or Seeking Fame,’ ‘Strike Violently’ and Escape


By Bridget Johnson November 10, 2017

Medical staff stand by victims killed at a Paris restaurant in a terror spree on Nov. 13, 2015. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

The new issue of the Islamic State’s weekly al-Naba newsletter includes a page of tips for lone jihadists that emphasized their first course of action in future attacks should be to escape from the site and live to kill again.

The advice comes after last week’s issue in which ISIS acknowledged Manhattan terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov as “one of the soldiers of the Islamic State of America,” but did not mention him by name, panned the size of the Home Depot rental truck he used in the West Side bike path attack, and noted the high casualty toll of the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Halloween New York attack through their Amaq news agency, perhaps out of disappointment that Saipov was captured brandishing a paintball gun and BB gun after their propaganda has urged terrorists to become martyrs or elude capture and conduct serial attacks.

With a wash of blood over a Paris cityscape, the full-page graphic faintly shows a masked man peering through binoculars, checking bullets in a magazine, and aiming a gun. The two-year anniversary of the coordinated Paris attacks, including the massacre at the Bataclan concert hall, is Monday; the pro-ISIS Wafa’ Media Foundation released a propaganda poster this week showing the Eiffel Tower extending upward as a rifle and vowing to “kill the young before the older.”

The “advice to the mujahideen in the abode of the enemy” starts with the pre-planning stages, telling would-be terrorists to be faithful to Islam and “devote the intention in your deed to God” — not committing an act of terrorism for “showing off or seeking fame.” Ironically, ISIS marketed Omar Mateen like a cult figure after the Orlando attack, including

(ISIS al-Naba graphic)

ISIS has also not issued a formal claim for thedistributing social media memes with the terrorist.

In planning, the jihadist is advised to “beware of randomness — make a good choice of place, time, and means of conducting the operation.”

“Choose from targets that will result in the greatest damage to the enemy, with the least expenses and simplest means,” the graphic continues. “Balance the necessity of the deed’s success and security necessities… be sure to have a contingency plan in case the original plan is hindered, and look for emergency exits to withdraw safely in the event that execution becomes impossible.”

As the terror plot is executed, the ISIS directive continues, the terrorist should “withdraw from the site by safe means,” and if that’s not possible “continue killing until you are killed.”

“Strike violently and be sure to inflict the greatest losses among the enemy. Focus on the main target,” the advice concludes. “Preserve calm and tranquility.”

ISIS has been publishing tips for jihadists in their Rumiyah magazine, but the monthly publication wasn’t issued as expected at the beginning of October and also has not been released this month. Al-Naba generally reports on news from inside territory occupied by ISIS, but its news briefs section recently highlighted the devastation of the California wildfires and the most recent issue discusses President Trump’s statements on North Korea.

A recent issue of al-Naba brushed off their massive territorial losses in Iraq and Syria, declaring that the Islamic State had passed through the “beginning stage” and predicted that the “universal kaffir [disbelievers] alliance” would disintegrate before ISIS does. The editorial called upon the “true believer” to act regardless of “whatever is lost” and “fight the infidels wherever they are, everywhere they are.”

Al-Naba was one of the mediums through which ISIS claimed responsibility for the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas. A full-page infographic on the shooting showed a Mandalay Bay hotel covered in blood, claiming that Paddock had converted to Islam six months before. Law enforcement officials have said they’ve discovered no extremist links and ISIS has not offered proof of their claim.

The Man Has an Articulate Way of Making His Point….

And he’s hitting the ‘X’ ring….don’t be ‘that guy’ who’s using these excuses…here’s an example:  Don’t have the money to buy a lot of magazines, which are very, very expendable. Right now, today, you can go to and get Okay Industries USGI 30 round AR mags for $9.99 each with FREE shipping.  If you were paid twice a month and bought 3 each payday, you’d have 78 spare magazines in a year (if we have that long)!!


From Brushbeater….WAKE UP! Get Back to Work!!

Exactly.  Ruck walks.  Dry fire.  Preps.  Time to get back to work….read the full article at the link.

Reveille in America

“While you were sleeping a lot went on. The Left in America, pushed into a corner, has armed up. Keep telling yourself you’re better…after all, it’s entertaining to watch a kid posture in front of a camera with a half-cocked Nagant. Keep in mind, that same kid has all the fire you had 2008-2016, except that he’s half your age and has none of the aversion to violence that you do. That’s right. He has no social capital; no mortgage, no three kids and an SUV. All he has is a lifetime of debt and little hope for any future. Socialist revolution seems good, because after all, the same institution which holds the keys to history groomed him.

Symbology tells a story. Tell yourself again they’re not serious.

Those with no hope often make great suicidal fighters for a cause. AntiFa and all the little fingers of the Communist Party is not quite there yet…give it time. And while you might look at the traveling street show as a joke, understand that the losers posing on front of the cameras are only one arm of a much, much larger body. The media and entertainment arm is busy grooming the minority blocks based upon the ‘social research’ of academia, upping the ante nearly daily and reinforcing the notions that their way is the only way. There have been no ramifications, so why would they stop?”