More Proof…

That what I, and others, have said since the election of Mr. Trump is correct:  “We have a repreive.  24 months at most.  The midterms are it.”

This article from Breitbart underscores the shift….

An aside, I’ve been super busy, so sorry about the lack of posts.  Best to all those who are recovering in both hurricane hit areas.

1 thought on “More Proof…

  1. anonymous

    Glad to see you back. Trump has let down some of his followers, but no politician has had to fight the opposition party AND his own AND mainstream media AND many religious leaders simultaneously. Couple that with anything he has to say is met with ‘No Way – Down with Trump’ comments instead of a reasoned explanation why it won’t work is part of their shtick.

    I think Trump is just wearing them down, biding his time. MSM is finally realzing that 20 trillion is a lot of debt (only they couldn’t see that back during Obabma Administration). North Korea is the result from former players just kicking the can down the road.

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