3 comments on ““Seeking Peace Through Violence…”

  1. I highly recommend the sci-fi novel “The Road to Damascus.” While set in the future, the authors took the common elements of a communist revolution and put them in a format that is not only understandable, but relevant to what we are seeing today.

  2. So far they’re not invading armed and conservative neighborhoods. They’re hitting large college towns where they can recruit heavily to augment the busloads they bring in from elsewhere. (Beserkeley, Charlottesville, Boston, etc.) And we can spot the cadre “NCO” people in many of the pictures and videos, too. No doubt in my ex-military mind that they’re commies; their Long March through all our major cultural institutions since the 1930s has been mostly very successful; now they’re doing the street battle thing, as in Germany and France during that time between communists and genuine Nazis, but with nowhere near the lethality. Yet.

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