8 comments on “Comment at WRSA….on ‘Night Movements’ from a Recent Participant…

  1. Great info!
    Something to consider- watch and listen to medium to large animals moving through the woods.
    Almost every 4 legged critter that’s spooked and being hyper aware of it’s surroundings takes a frw steps and stops they always take an odd number of steps then stop.
    Most people walking through the woods trying to be quit take an even number of steps then stop.
    Just something I noticed from spending a lot of time in the woods hunting.

  2. Great content and thoughts – thank you for writing it. I was never in the military or LEO services, but have done some nightime hiking on our ranch so am somewhat experienced with this subject. Some of my own thoughts:

    You can see quite a bit more of natural travel lanes if you hunker down to see them. So when you rest, try to NOT be in middle of one of these lanes – you are in full view of anyone else out there.

    Take shorter strides – it is much easier to stop in place if you need to. And when you stop, make sure to be in position for shooting offhand, rather than having to take a step forward / back to do so.

    Thank you again for the post.

  3. One more tip – you can be reasonably assured that no one has used the path you are on if you continually run into spider webs that run across the main path. These are repaired overnight.

    If you notice that they are broken – someone or something was there to break them.

  4. Good stuff RS! I would add to watch out for trash piles, junk, etc around outbuildings. Especially the old farms out in the middle of nowhere. Walking into a sickle bar, cultivator or a harrow is going to jack you up badly and old roofing tin sounds like a gong when it gets stepped on in the wee hours.
    Ware the dogs, too. And skunks!

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