4 comments on “Pistol Review UPDATE: Glock 21 SF – Initial Range Report

  1. Did you send the pistol back to Glock for the upgrades or did you use a different gunsmith?

  2. My two cents boss: mag extension floorplates aren’t worth it, use the money to buy more mags.
    Korean cheap mags: our little jagdverband has had very good luck with them. I even bought one of the 33 round ones for “bunker” use.

    I broke a slide stop, too on my g19 a couple of months after I got it.

    All your upgrades are a great idea, especially the metal guide rod and even more so if it’s a used gun.

  3. Yeah…I agree… better to have the 13 rounders…the tungsten op rod guide is really worth the money, as are the Vickers and king glock connectors and spring.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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