5 comments on “Upcoming Pistol Review: Glock 21SF (and, no, it doesn’t stand for, ‘Special Forces’….

  1. Looking forward to it. I have the same EDC config and for SHTF scenarios a CZ P09. Both of those with those same Fed HST 124 JHP rounds. For winter in the woods up here I haul around a Glock 40 (10mm) with the 6-inch slide. I was an old revolver guy for a long time and only in the last few years went to the semi-autos.

  2. Ah yes, I was a died in the wool 1911 snob for many, many, years. The influence of the Army and Col. Cooper. A few years ago, I was drawn over and made a convert to the dark side, aka Glocks. It all started with the 21. It was my EDC for a long time. I have recently gotten a 30S, and now it is my EDC, loaded with Hydro shocks in 230 grains. I’m one of those hardcore believers that think that you should make the biggest hole possible in your opponent.

    Welcome to the dark side, brother.


  3. You and i are leading somewhat parallel lives. :^) I have a 1st Gen. Glock 21 that’s only work has replaced the factory synthetic sights with steel. Very good gun – I’ve owned it since the early summer 1991. I have thought about the smaller 30 though, just to add to my Glock herd.

    Two years ago, I sold my safe queen Norinco 1911 to a good friend. The only work – trading the very cheap plastic grips with Pachmayrs. But it was never shot, staying NIB. My friend wanted an original Colt, but the prices for them are too crazy expensive for his budget. So I sold the Norinco to him and he’s been very happy ever since.

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