7 comments on “Re-Post: General Purpose Gear Load Outs – Part I

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  3. I have some newer gear but I must say, my old m1956 gear will get the job done. It can be found pretty cheap. I’ve even seen some at yard sales. That gear got my father through Vietnam alive. I have noticed that the actual government issued gear seems heavier duty that the newer aftermarket stuff.

  4. I was weaned on the ’56 gear waaaaay back in the early 70’s. The H Harness was nice, except at that point, all we had were the small sizes, so adaptation was the name of the game. The other thing we had to contend with was the way it soaked up water and dried really slow. If you’re going to use it, which is fine to do, consider treating it heavily with ‘Camp Dry’ or other water proofing spray. You’re correct on actual issue being more sturdy (99% of the time) than aftermarket items that look like the article in question. The difference, for example, between the quality in SDS or Eagle Systems (current USGI suppliers) and, say, ‘Condor’ equipment is easily noticeable. Nothing wrong with it, just know what you’re getting and plan accordingly.

  5. I am concerned about blending in urban, civilian, pre-SHTF environment. LBE and military backpacks are not practical for this. If I work them around the neighborhood, the cops would definitely be called.

    Can you comment on gear for blending in and still accomplish the objective of having much-needed gear equivalent to LBE and the ruck? What is your opinion of tactical vests like this:


    (Full disclosure, I have one, but feel that it also does not blend in)

  6. Understand your concern about urban environments; we have the same concerns. We use smaller, nondescript packs for a ‘get home’ bag that you might see anyone wearing in a mall. Regarding the LBE, we use a ‘micro rig’ that can be worn under a coat or kept in the pack until needed. It holds 4 AR mags and has room for a general purpose pouch. Nothing major. We also are huge advocates of concealed pistol licensing so that one may be armed and still look like nothing special. A good rule of thumb on pistol mags, depending on your pistol, is to have a mag for each mile that you might have to walk up to 5 mags (if you’re using a Glock 17/19 for instance).

    Understand on the vest; something a lot less ‘military’ looking might work, but then again, look at the surrounding ‘invisible people’ in your AO…see what they wear. And then visit a local thrift store….just an idea.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I’m a bit biased, obviously due to what I do for a living, but also via my personal plans and situation. 🙂

    That said, when you said “wear your LBE around the house doing normal tasks, yard work, etc. Nothing teaches you how to wear your gear like performing SUT or daily chores!”, I couldn’t agree more. I preach that to folks all the time. Have even done a couple of video’s on it, the most recent one being this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_zjv8Hrlac .

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