13 comments on “Re-Post: General Purpose Gear Load Outs: Part 2

  1. Are you still able to draw your pistol while wearing the level 2 kit? Seems like the pouches would prevent it

  2. In answer to your question yes. Not as fast as someone wearing a high ride thigh holster, but I’ll take the trade off of not having to wear a thigh holster. It’s personal preference really.

    As many experienced guys have said, the need to transition from a carbine to a pistol doesn’t happen as much as the tactical square range instructor videos would make it seem.

    If you like having your pistol on your level one gear, but speedy accessible, you might try a thigh holster. Not knocking it. It’s just not for us. We always recommend that if you do wear a thigh holster, that you crawl through the nastiest wilderness you can find. If you still like it after that, good on ya.

    Also you probably can’t see too well from the picture, but there is a slim line holster on the harness if the need for having a pistol quickly in your hand arises. In this case it’s just empty.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We found that the surplus US drop leg platform and the Bianchi US surplus holster work really nice for G19, Ruger p89 and 1911 (that was standardization progression). With utility blouse tucked in, suspend the drop leg platforms off the trouser belt. On the opposite side, two platforms together, using one strap at bottom, with molle to alice adapter at top to hold it together there. On the adapter at the top, a 9mm single mag pouch, used for multi-tool. on bottom, a double 9mm pouch with two spare mags for glock, right next to an M16 double used for survival kit (survival straw, compress, contractor trash bag, flint /steel, small fishing kit and small wrap of wire). You can wrap a couple yards of parachute cord around the platforms for rainy days, too.

    These stay in place real well, we have yet to lose any gear during PT and “walkabouts” in the woods through all sorts of terrain/seasons and have been running this way for better than a year now. This keeps level 1 out of our pants pockets and low enough to clear level 2 FLC and level 3 condor CPC and ALICE. The biggest help was having the multi-tool easily available. And it’s cheap folks, the holster was the most expensive individual item and it was 20 bucks at a local gun show. We opted for the flapped holster to keep the sidearm as clean and protected as possible.

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  5. They are sitting up and behind the outside pouches on the left side. They are kind of hidden, but they are actually close in and unobstructed for quick magazine changes.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. This is, and the one before it, are very informative article. Was the promised third ever written?

  7. Oh! I didn’t look closely enough to see them. Thank you for your time responding and for all the work you’re doing putting this information out.

  8. The pack in the 3rd photo is the FILBE patrol pack. In the 4th photo there is the larger FILBE ruck with the FILBE patrol pack attached and sitting on top.

    Thanks for taking time to comment.

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