5 comments on “Repost: General Purpose Equipment – DTG’s Recommendations

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  2. Excellent article !!

    Your quote… “We mount them away from center help keep the abdomen and chest as clear as possible for low-level crawling (which is yet another reason we don’t recommend chest rigs or vests (unless the vest has the center area clear) as general purpose) as well as keeping the center clear if one chooses to wear a plate carrier (also kept clear) but not so far to the side as to make magazine extraction difficult.”

    Many of our guys in Rhodesian Light Infantry and SAS quickly discovered the famed ‘Rhodie Chest Rig’ prevented you from crawling on your belly decently as it got hung up on everything, dented magazines and sometimes filled the pouches with dirt… pouch cover or not. The same went for mag and other pouches on the front of the belt or body. Forget putting frag or willy pete grenades there unless you want a surprise or want to leave them along the path you crawled.

    When you’re the subject of intense high power weapons fire and you’re so scared you’re trying to dig a slit trench with your eyelashes, that extra inch or two seems more like a couple of feet. You really want to be ‘thin’ then.

    Also the ability to drop a pack and keep only the essentials if you have to back out of a situation quicker than you got into it or move quickly to out run or flank your adversary is a must.

    Most of us carried a KBar or small machete type knife upside down on the weak hand web harness strap for easy grip-to-use.

    Spot on Mates !!!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Jackal! Appreciate your input as it echoes what we were taught long ago, same with quick release pack straps. Our mileage varied on Kabar type knives mounted upside down as the keeper (made of leather) would stretch or come undone at the worst times. Nowadays though, with kydex style sheaths, it might be a different story.

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  5. I love battle belts because they keep your upper body free. This allows all kinds of options. But I just picked up SDS’s fighting load carrier vest. I picked it up for a few reasons. It was only $20, it seems rock solid quality wise( my best stuff seems to be SDS equipment) and the vest allows for a pretty good setup. I plan on using it either stand alone or with my battle belt to allow a pretty large load out.

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