10 comments on “When Conducting ANY Type of Training…

  1. Everybody who has been to “Brand X” shoot & play army school seems to think that they are Rambo. Everybody has 20 quarts of water, a chest rig and 30 mags ,and they wouldn’t/couldn’t/can’t crawl 50 feet. They train for a “stand up fight”. AKA making themselves a target. Me? I train to crawl a minimum of 150 feet , dig in while prone and identify targets and shoot from both a ranger grave and hasty prone. Cover first. You cannot shoot back if you are dead , and the “freefor” has no CASEVAC.

  2. Oddly enough
    The big green machine as rule no longer teaches this neither does the alphabet swat of your choice.
    It would seem the lessons of the Wehrmacht of ww2, rangers and Vietnam nam have been lost.
    For solid info
    Get the ranger handbook 1991 issue
    The 7-8 infantry handbook
    And or the eqivolen from the usmc.
    And for gods sake get those fucking mags off your chest!!

  3. Great post! I saw a video like you described in your post, all I could do is say “Well, it looks cool to someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.” . Knowing how to quickly assess the terrain around you and use it for protection is an art form.

  4. I’d like to add something. You NEED a mess kit and you NEED an E Tool. Not a trowel but a full size GI E-Tool. You need mess gear because if someone is nice enough to feed you after your MRE/First strike’s/Freeze dry’s run out , you’ll need some way to eat it that does not involve your hand. You need that E-tool to dig in and dig cat holes. Anyone that tells you different is a moron. WHEN (not if) the “G” boys make contact the FIRST thing they do is call ARTTY and TACAIR. That hole in the ground is still as good a way to protect yourself as it was in 1944. With overhead cover it is still better than any “body armor”. Rifle plates only cover 9X13 inches. A flak vest and helm only cover the upper body and top of the head. A fox hole covers everything. Even a hasty fighting position (AKA “Ranger Grave) offers a better chance of survival than “rifle plates”

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