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Men of the West: Too much time on their hands

Original, here.    If ‘Men of the West’ isn’t on your daily blog scan, it should be.  Excellent information from many perspectives.

A bunch of dirty commies do the right thing for the wrong reason:

A Marxist student group at Swarthmore College disbanded itself earlier this year after realizing that its members were too rich and too white to be real commies.

According to screenshots confidentially provided to Campus Reform by an individual with access to the group’s private Facebook page, the demise of the Swarthmore Anti-Capitalist Collective (SACC) came in the wake of a farewell letter from a member who had decided the group could never be an effective proponent of “unproblematized anticapitalist politics” due to its “history of abuse, racism, and even classism.”

In truth, neither rich nor white are what makes a commie.  What makes a commie, like what makes most leftist troublemakers, is a) enough intelligence to be dissatisfied, and b) insufficient work to keep one occupied.

The pattern is obvious once you look at it.  To pick one obvious example, who were the original feminists? Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the daughter of a congressman, as was Margaret Fuller. Susan B. Anthony’s father managed a large cotton mill and when the family lost everything in the Panic of 1837, a wealthy uncle bought all of their belongings and restored them. These were not young wives with a boatload of kids to raise. They were not immigrants working long hours in a dirty factory.  They were the bored daughters of the upper crust; i.e. superfluous people looking for meaning through social reform.*

That pattern continues today.  Why is it that the people who complain the most about “privilege” are the most privileged?  It is simultaneously maddening and hilarious to watch Yale students stage a symbolic hunger strike**.  It is unsurprising when we learn that the main figure in the Mizzou protests of a few years ago is the son of a railroad executive and lives in an $8m house.  These people are not looking for justice, they are looking for meaning. They are dissatisfied and they are bored, and so they would reorganize the whole world by force. Idle hands truly are the devil’s workshop.

So how do we keep our own sons from donning nose rings and Antifa shirts?  Give them work and give them meaning.

The meaning ought to be obvious. As Christians, we are to raise our sons in the faith.  We are to give them an understanding of our world and their place in it. They ought to understand the frustrations of the curse as much as the promise of redemption.

Much of dissatisfaction with life arises because people expect the world, or at least their neighbors, to be perfectible. If only we created the correct incentives, if only we created communes, if only we eliminated private property. Such thought too often results in piles of skulls. We live in a fallen world, and our sons ought to know why. But they must also have hope: the King is returning to set things right.

But work is just as important. Work doesn’t just fill time. It builds skills. It builds confidence. It gives a young man a sense of accomplishment. It also provides a hands-on lesson in where money comes from as well as opportunities to do good with it. Steady, meaningful work goes a long way into making a boy a man.

Our sons are going to face the temptation to join some of their peers in hating the rich, hating white people, hating capitalism, hating Christ, hating themselves. They are going to have friends who fall into that angry pit. They are going to have professors that beckon them to climb in.

It’s our job to steel them against that temptation by teaching them something better.

* Modern feminists combine that superfluity with daddy issues. But that is a post for another day.
** A symbolic hunger strike is one where you don’t eat while you’re at the strike, but when you get hungry, you go get some food. Seriously.

“As I’ve said before, I’ve said it before”…The Sunday Rant, Continued….same rules.

From “Cold Fury,” via ” the Raconteur Report.

Read the whole piece.


A taste:

They. Have. Nothing. They’re intensely, smugly dismissive of all religion—except the most primitive, ass-backwards, hateful one in all human history, which absolutely no one is allowed to criticize in even the smallest way. They’re all for “free speech”—but only of the kind they approve of and agree with. They’re all for “dissent”—as long as that doesn’t involve dissenting from them. They believe in individual liberty—entirely and exclusively on matters of sexual hedonism and perversion, the right to unrestricted access to mind-altering chemicals, abortion, and government “assistance.” They are fervent believers in “science”—and oppose any commitment to free and open inquiry, skepticism, and the scientific method itself.

They cherish “diversity”…and ruthlessly enforce a blank, grey-man uniformity of opinion, philosophy, and even physical appearance. They revel in access to the latest trendy-hipster Micronesian/Cajun/Ethiopian “fusion” cuisine, while denouncing the horror of “cultural appropriation.” They smugly consider themselves “citizens of the world”…and disdainfully regard Flyover America as some sort of bizarre, incomprehensible terrain unworthy of any serious consideration at all.

And now, in their open-hearted magnanimity, they have decided that what we benighted ignoramuses are most in need of is another lecture.

The other night, I had an amazing conversation with a friend who admitted he was a Donald Trump voter. Having known him for most of my life, I was shocked. But as a result, as a proud member of The Resistance, I’m even more certain that we progressives are largely responsible for the rise of Trump’s America.

My typical response to conservatives who see me as a smug, elitist hypocrite for not being tolerant of their beliefs is that I’m “intolerant of intolerance,” but I’ve realized that that mistake is the issue. No, we don’t have to accept and respect others’ bigotry or ignorance, but it’s incredibly important that we understand where it comes from and why it exists.

Actually, you smarmy, self-righteous asshole, what’s more important is that you begin to understand that what you’re pleased to refer to as “ignorance” and “bigotry” is usually no such thing at all. It’s merely a difference of opinion, a refusal to accept your convoluted premises and twisted reasoning. But by all means, go on calling us names and refusing to imagine that we might actually have a valid point once in a while. See where that you gets you.

The folks who voted for Trump are by and large people who see progressivism, and specifically concepts like political correctness and intersectionalism, as an attack on all of those deeply held feelings of what America “is.” To them, our movement is an assault on their Field of Dreams. They’re afraid of losing their (yes, white and Christian) America in the tidal wave of cultural shifts that have occurred over recent decades.

Is calling them racist going to change that? Is calling them bigots going to do it? Hateful? Monsters? Ignorant? Uneducated? Privileged? We don’t have to agree with it, but we have to attempt to understand it.

You’re too fucking stupid and sanctimonious to even begin to understand it.

The only way The Resistance succeeds is if we fundamentally change our tactics. We must realize that the way into these hearts is to respectfully suggest that the causes we fight for actually align with their deeply held patriotism and love for America. That yes, our marginalized communities may look different and speak a different language, but they want all the same things you do, and they want to have them in this incredible country we’ve built together.

Umm, excuse me, but: “built together”? You puerile, adolescent shitwits haven’t built a goddamned thing. You denigrate; you insult; you attack; you destroy. You make outlandish and absurd claims about the egregious harm America has inflicted on the world, without ever once acknowledging the good we’ve done. You denounce American capitalist “greed” without ever admitting that the profit motive has sparked more real progress than any sort of collectivist fantasy you could name ever has. You bitch, piss, and moan about our assumed lack of “compassion” and “humanity” and “decency” while condemning millions to dependence on a Leviathan superstate as blank and pitiless as the sun.

You whine and cavil about a lack of “bipartisanship” and “cooperation” only when you’ve lost an election; the rest of the time, you run roughshod over us without the most cursory and insincere nod towards “working together” with your opposition, and condemn us as “Nazis” when we dare to complain. You ram a foolish government-health-care bill down our throats without a single Republican vote, and then try to blame us when it crashes and burns. You demand “respect” while offering not one whit of it in return.

“Want all the same things you do”? No. No, not hardly. What YOU want is total control over us, to reduce us to an abject state of servility and helplessness under a monstrous tyranny you retain total control over. What WE really want is for you to leave us the fucking hell alone—you, and your hideous Leviathan state too.

Unfortunately, we know by now just how likely THAT is.

But what this also means is that we as progressives need to stop getting so offended by everything and learn to put ourselves in others’ shoes. All of our experiences — conservatives and progressives alike — give us unique perspectives, and it is absolutely unhelpful to say things like “it’s not our job to teach you” when someone comes to us with questions.

Actually, it is our job.


Period. Full stop. End of story.

But no, the asshole continues. It’s like he can’t help himself. Which, of course—being an oh-so-superior, self-satisfied, narcissistic “liberal”—he can’t.

If we’re waiting for people who hold a different view to change their minds without being guided through that process, we’ll be waiting an awfully long time.

Oh, you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time, all right. AWFULLY long. Common ground, at last.

I think progressives would all agree that time is not something we have to waste. It may not be fair, but progressives must be willing to put aside their anger and hate and take responsibility for creating the change they wish to see in the world. To vilify, shame and condemn only causes those who don’t understand to dig in their heels. If we are the ones who want change, the responsibility is ours to do what it takes to encourage it.

To summarize: Progressives, stop insulting, stop shaming, and stop condescending. Start listening. Start teaching.

“Start listening. Start teaching.” And there, right fucking there, is the whole problem. The arrogant douchebag doesn’t even realize that one of those things is not like the other. If these moralizing putzes were even half as smart as they think they are, they’d know that when they maintain their laser-like focus on “teaching” us poor, benighted knuckleheads, then they’re not really “listening” at all.

The ugly truth is, they’re not interested in “listening,” and they never have been; they’re right, we’re wrong, and they will never even dream of considering they might possibly be in error. Even after decades of failure after failure—a collapsing, moribund economy; foreign-policy train wrecks and humiliations one after another after another; a skyrocketing debt fueled by out of control spending; a nation which rightly views its government as an adversary, despising it, distrusting it, fearing it, and seeking to quietly ignore or circumvent it at every opportunity; a populace that doesn’t believe a word its supposed “representatives” say, and fully comprehends the rot and corruption festering throughout the government while having lost all faith in its own ability to wield even the slightest influence over its direction—these are the toxic fruits of Progressivist governance.

Detroit. Detroit is their model, their ideal; Detroit is what they hope to turn the entire country into. It’s all they can do; it’s all they have.”

Sunday Morning Rant…Not Suitable for the Children

Leftist Fantasizes About Gun Confiscation…

Over at WRSA, a recent post indicates one particular leftist believes door to door gun confiscation would be ‘relatively uneventful’ if started.

One commenter (from the UK) posited that he/she agreed (don’t know if the commenter is male or female) because, well, ‘Americans are all talk as evidenced by what he sees on blogs’ (implication of the commenter).  This commenter figures only 1 in 10,000 might resist such a move.

Gee…this guy couldn’t possibly be someone trying to instigate someone to do something could he?  Troll?  Paid Troll? Paid troll by parties unknown who’d love to see a blood bath in the US?

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Gun Owners in the US:  Let’s say only 10 percent of Americans own guns.  That’d be well over 30,000,000.  Let’s say that 10% of that number are very, very serious about their natural right of self-defense against any threat.  That’s 3,000,000.  Let’s divide that in half, for the sake of conservative scientific wild ass guessing.

1,500,000 gun owners with untold amounts of ammunition and several weapons each.

Let’s be really conservative and divide that number equally among the 50 states.

30,000 gun owners per state that refuse to have their weapons confiscated.  Let that number sink in.  That’s the equivalent man power wise of 3 military divisions.

Organized? No.

Trained? No (for the most part).

Can these people be counted on to do something besides sit cowering in their homes waiting for a confiscation crew to show up?  Definitely.  There’d be so much bloodshed on all sides that the situation could descend into a civil war very quickly, and nobody sane wants that.  We still manage our differences without that literal hell.

There’s something that would have to happen before gun confiscation attempts occurred, though.  Martial Law.  Martial law requires a compliant population to work, because the ruling authority can’t go from zero to ‘deadly force’ immediately without an immediate and unintended consequence from the populace:  Guerilla war.  Why?  Standard fight logic:  If there’s no way out of a terrible ass whipping, people figure they might as well get in a couple of hits themselves before they go down.  Now add into the mix that the people enforcing martial law live against their neighbors in the same community that’s having martial law enforced upon it.  How do you think that will play out?  Go to work to confiscate guns and possibly shoot people who don’t comply while leaving your family home in ‘Indian Country.’  That makes sense.  Everything will be fine.  Here’s some reality:  There’s not enough active duty military, national guard, reserves, federal, state, and local law enforcement to protect the families of the confiscation crews across the country and protect the borders, fight the wars, and administer martial law simultaneously.

These leftist (read ‘communist’) fantasies get old.  Didn’t the left recently figure out what might happen, albeit on a very small scale, when they fielded the ‘antifa’ (now silent and nearly defunct) ‘militias’ and protest groups that ended up having their asses handed to them?  Apparently not.  The left would dearly LOVE to see something like the above happen to move the US into a dejure communist run country.  Happily, there are too many citizens out there who will not allow that to happen when it comes right down to it.

And as for chicken shit non-US citizens commenting on the level of courage among our citizenry for defending the natural rights codified in the Constitution, DILIGAF?

The children of the left need to keep their fantasies to themselves and let the adults make the decisions.  It’s better for everyone involved.

Pistol Review UPDATE: Glock 21 SF – Initial Range Report

In the first installment of the Glock 21SF update, here, I talked a bit about getting a new Glock 21SF.  After taking it to the range for its ‘deflowering’ with both FMJ and self-defense ammunition, both at 230 grains, I decided I needed to have it tuned up a bit.  It came with a “New York” 10 pound trigger.  You have to really WANT to pull the trigger to discharge the pistol!!  Even with that, it didn’t do too badly – the picture below is the last five rounds at 30 feet fired semi-rapidly with 230gr Federal Hydra-Shok ammo on a range supplied target.

Even though it was very accurate and came with Tritium night sights (a must in my opinion), there were several upgrades I had done to it to bring it into the ‘sweet shooter’ category I like my personal weapons to be a member of, especially in terms of trigger pull and target acquisition.  Some folks like to use their pistols stock, and that’s fine for them; my mileage varies on that, and this is what I’ve had done so far:


  • Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffer
  • Tungsten Operating Rod Assembly
  • Tru-Glo Fiber Optic & Tritium sights
  • Vickers Slide Release
  • King Glock ‘Tactical’ Connector & Self Defense Springs

Now that those addtions are complete and my new pistol is back, I’ll be going to the range this weekend to do some comparison and see how she shoots compared to her ‘virgin’ performance.  The new connector and springs bring the trigger weight is down to a very reasonable 3.5 to 4 pounds, the sights are much more easily seen in both natural sunlight and reduced lighting conditions, the tungsten op rod added a bit of weight to tame recoil for easier target reacquisition, the Vickers slide release won’t break when using it for it’s intended purpose (the OEM Glock part is a ‘slide stop’ and not designed to be used as a slide release).  The only other thing at this point I might do is have the grip stipled for a surer grip in wet conditions.

When it comes to fit, the 21SF feels very natural in my hand – I have medium sized hands, and full sized 21’s I’ve shot in the past were just too big for comfort.  It has an inherent pointability that’s hard to beat, and I like the 13 round (14 with one up the pipe) 230 grain capability, especially when carrying a basic load of 3 magazines when out and about.  40 rounds makes one feel ‘happy.’  I’ve toyed with the idea of adding the 2 round extensions on the magazines, but the jury is out on that one.

When it comes to traveling and determining how many mags I’ll have with me, I follow the advice of a very good friend of mine, Chris Dodge of Mason Dixon Tactical, who says, “For every hour, that you’re further away from home, you should have an extra loaded mag for whatever you’re carrying.”  That translates to:  If my basic mag load is 3 mags, and I’m 2 hours drive time from hom, I should have 5 mags with me, minimally.  That’s good advice.  Extra 13 round mags are expensive if you buy from Glock retailers, typically $30 not including shipping.  If you look, you can find deals for them for $19.95, with free shipping over $100.  So, but 5 or 6 and you get a lot of return for your money.  Having 10 magazines you can load up and take with you on the road lets you drive quite a ways to visit or sight see.

Range Report:

Distance – 15 to 30 feet

Purpose – Familiarization Fire (new mods, trigger pull reduction (by a SWOOP!), operability function checks, etc.

Condition – Indoor range, well lit.

Type of Fire – Slow to Semi-Rapid

Ammunition – Winchester FMJ – 230 gr

Round Count – 100

Recoil – Well tamed w/Tungsten Op Rod, 20 lb spring, and Buffertech buffer.

Typical group size – Inside the black as pictured above.  Have to admit, the truglo tritium sights are really the cat’s ass….

Percentage of rounds in the black – 80 – 85%

Accuracy Problem – Me – my lack of dry fire showed as I became fatigued and rounds started to drop out of the black.  Note to self:  Dry fire daily for at least 5 minutes.

Overall – I’m more and more impressed with the Glock 21SF as it fits my hand well, and with the upgrades installed, man, it feels like I’m shooting a Glock 17 with standard 124gr ammo.  Very manageable; very quick target reacquisition.  Great ‘surprise’ piece (if you know there’s a problem, grab your rifle).

Next Steps:

Targets to 25 meters; slow fire; 100 rounds; compare performance w/yesterday’s.

Comparison and Contrast for Training in ‘Infantry’ Skill Sets

From JC Dodge.  Up front, his post is not meant to dissuade anyone from learning these necessary survival skill sets; rather, it’s meant to provide some sort of objective way to look at what might be gained from attending various schools aimed at civilians when compared to active duty service in a combat arm.

Remember the levels of learning:  Unconsciously Unskilled, Consciously Unskilled, Consciously Skilled, and Unconsciously Skilled.

The very highest level you can attain (which is good, if you’re diligent and practice what you’ve learned in your chosen school) is Consciously Unskilled (You Know What You Don’t Know) and possibly Consciously Skilled ( You can perform, but not at ‘second nature’ level).  Most civilians are not in the environment that helps attain skill mastery (Unconsciously Skilled – Performing tasks as second nature level), because they have jobs, support families, and have other obligations that keep them from practicing all day, every day and some weekends with their chosen team 0f four to twelve people.

Keep plugging away, keep learning, but understand the limitations of your training and capabilities.  It’ll help keep you alive a lot longer than harboring illusions of what you can do.

“Are You A Snowflake or a Meteor?”

By JC Dodge

Mason Dixon Tactical


A snowflake and a small meteor (meteoroid) fall from the sky, but that’s pretty much where their similarities end. A snowflake hits the ground, and unless it has perfect conditions such as the ground temp being low, and/or it is surrounded by other snowflakes, it will disappear in a short while. A small meteor that was tough enough to make it through the atmosphere hits the ground, and if it survives the impact unbroken, it isn’t going anywhere, and can be around for centuries. Hell, even if it is broken, the pieces will still be around for a long time (reminds me of some of my “mobility kill” Buddies LOL).

The reaction of many to this post will help them, and those around them, determine whether they are or have the capability of being a small meteor. If you are a militia group member, that is non prior service, and…

View original post 4,365 more words

Quote Of The Month — Western Rifle Shooters Association

“…The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of […]

via Quote Of The Month — Western Rifle Shooters Association

Upcoming Pistol Review: Glock 21SF (and, no, it doesn’t stand for, ‘Special Forces’….

I’ve always been a 1911 man.  I’ve still got one, a Kimber Pro Carry, which I absolutely love to shoot and carry, when I want serious artillery with me.  Of late, however, my EDC is a S&W Shield, in 9mm accompanied by 8 round mags and Federal HST 124 grain.  Nice combo.  My ‘go to’ SHTF pistol is a Glock 19, same load.  Simple reason to carry the 9:  Federal HST 124 grain is a hard hitting, deep penetrating round that allows me to carry more ammo, whether it’s a NPT scenario or a ‘get home’ situation.  But I love the .45 ACP round.  So, I always keep a couple around the old homestead, mostly within reach where ever I’m at.

However, I had (basically it’s gone to a good home) a full-sized steel (no colt bullshit nylon parts, thank you very much) Norinco 1911 government model that a good friend of mine who worked on a ‘contingency team’ I built in New York during my active duty days pretty much rebuilt and tricked out so that at 25 meters (my specs) I could shoot rapid fire and cover the group with my hand.   He did me better than that.  This guy was a competitor, and at 25 meters, rapid fire, he would do 2 full mags inside of a 3 inch group.  Rapid fire.  So the pistol was solid.  I had that 1911 for 24 years.  Got it new, and after the rebuild, all I had done to it was to have it ‘Diamond Coated’.  I fired a few mags after that, and back in the safe it went.

Recently, a beloved nephew asked me if I’d trade for it, and since it had become a safe queen, pretty much, I told him I’d trade the ‘Blunderbuss’ (our affectionate appellation for a large, heavy pistol) for a Glock 21SF.  The trade went off, and we went to the range.

For the rest of the story, stay tuned.

The Shura

From Brushbeater….here.

shura_2Shura: (shūrā) is an Arabic word for ‘consultation’. It is a gathering of Leaders among a Tribe or Group which contemplates an issue, agrees upon a solution, and rallies their groups towards that goal. The agreement reached provides the community’s consent to action, recognizing the authority of the community and accepting the burden of consequence.

Despite the few of you out there scratching your heads, this concept is not at all foreign to the West- gatherings to resolve issues based upon common, recognized places at that table, is fairly commonplace. We do it everyday informally and formally- humans are social creatures by nature and react with hostility to accepted norms being violated.

Therefor it is not without too much effort we can extend such a concept to our defensive postures. For Survivalists, Preppers, Militia-types or just those with a broad concern of the condition of things, and for that there’s plenty among us, an entire subculture exists focused upon self reliant defense. And that’s where the confusion comes in. For some this requires being every bit as cool as a Soldier of Fortune cover. Going back to our definition above, it’s the consent of the community that’s commonly forgotten or simply written off (because it’s easy to fancy oneself as a hero if that’s overlooked) and the last part, that burden of consequence, is never recognized. Ever. The community bears the consequence of what you do or fail to do. What if that group of bubbas in pickup trucks you thought were brigands were actually emissaries from the next County over? You didn’t know the difference so you shot them. Good job, you’ve provoked a range war. What if that Security Force you perfectly ambushed really was there to set up a dental clinic? Don’t think that matters? Now you’ve pissed off the stronger foe and your people, who’ll now be happy to hand your ass off to whomever. You never read the story of the protagonist that ambushes and kills a group of doctors- no, because then they’d be the antagonists, the people to beat. But unplugged from your local community, one bad decision and now that’s you.

shura_1.jpegTake the group in the photo at right. To most, they look like dirty, disheveled, impoverished, ignorant goat farmers with antiquated equipment. They cling to their guns and religion, primarily farm opium and raise animals, and don’t like anyone telling them their way of life is wrong. And many of you out there dismiss them as backwards, inherently inbred losers; easy to beat. You know you do. I used to as well. Until I went there and shot a few of them. And I respect them a whole lot more than some of you out there. Yep, I said it; I mean it. They don’t run their mouths, make idiotic memes, repeat stupid catchphrases made by a 12 year old or have an unrealistic expectation of the world. They go and do with what little they have, right or wrong in our eyes, and the Tribe comes first, accepting full well the consequences of their actions.

If you have not yet checked out this post and embedded video, go ahead and do so. I agree with the points raised, and with this would like to emphasize the one point missed- the importance of Community.

The goal here is not moral equivalence but context- the way the West looks at them is the same exact way most of the international socialist views the South and Southern Culture. Keep that in mind. Communists have nothing but scorn for the South and seek to erase it. Our culture is deemed backwards and ignorant, clinging to guns and religion, and before that, exploitative colonialist relics, as we’re reminded over and over. Put in that context the broad view becomes a bit different. The Afghan is an interesting breed- not a coherent people but rather a multitude of tribes which loosely encompass a people. Sort of like the evolution and influence of the Scottish and Irish, along with the aristocratic nature of the old British planter families and the French in the very deep South. But simultaneously, as with Afghanistan, we commonly recognize customs and practices and place a maximum on cultural preservation. The difficulty for us over there, the puzzle we have yet to figure out, is how to beat the Taliban which understands this fact far better than the yahn-kee ferenghi tourist ever will. It’s the same reason the alt-Right enjoys an insurmountable popularity in the Southeast akin to the Dixi-crats of old and why we’ve always reacted with extreme hostility to outsiders, still referring to anyone coming from other areas and critical of local practice as outsiders when being nice, transplants when a bit irritated, and carpetbaggers when pissed off. afghanfarmer.jpegIf your name comes up and we react with a sideways grin and cocked head it’s not normally for a good reason…followed by either a grunt or a “bless his heart…”. These are common, recognized reflections of shared value, just as the Afghan speaks in terms of growing seasons and fables reflecting his culture. That pakol-wearing opium farmer from Khandahar with filthy hands and years-old dishdasha is not too far removed from the tobacco farmer in any rural County with filthy hands and years-old Carhartt and Wranglers. tobaccofarmer.jpgAnd they both get royally pissed off if you damage their crop- so much so that an occupying force is gonna have a rough time on their hands when they do so. Don’t take my word for it- I’ve only picked the pieces of diesel fuel jug out of my head from the fertilizer IEDs they build. Ask anyone who’s been blown up in Afghanistan or rural northern Iraq- they’ll tell you. I’ve had the pleasure of both. Of the farmers, both have deep roots in their community and are listened to; they know every mover and shaker in the community, have recognized consent of that community, and both have friends in low places who’ll be more than happy to pop some pills to relax and stick a bomb in the ground for the people who screwed with their livelihood.

Most importantly, in this context, none of them are isolationist loners. In fact, such an attitude in Afghanistan will end up getting that person killed in a winter or two at most. Those people are outcasts that no one places any value upon, not caring what happens to them- it’s usually not pretty. Post-shtf, that’ll probably be the same for you no matter how much shit you’ve bought, unless you’ve been working on getting your voice heard at the next Shura, whether you call it a County Commissioner’s Meeting, School Board, or Sheriff’s Townhall or Church get-together and earned enough respect for anyone to listen. This doesn’t mean don’t work to bring as much to the table as possible, it doesn’t mean you’re free to become a burden on everyone else, and no, it doesn’t mean don’t go out and practice with your weapons and tactics- exactly the opposite- but you have to recognize some context. No, you’re not an Infantryman. No, you’re not in an Infantry unit. And hell no, stop thinking like one- you don’t have an army behind you; you do need a community of people you know very well and who know (and think favorably of) you. And when the day eventually comes that an army be raised, it’ll be those with documented experience who get tapped for the leading and training job- not some self-important blowhard with a kludged-out AR-15. Three seasoned guys who look and fight like they’re from there and can hit a man at 500m is a hell of a lot better and much more effective than 12 lead farmers doing modified CQB drills and looking like Delta Farce- and don’t know it.  This doesn’t mean don’t train, it simply means train smarter. Make perceived handicaps strengths. You’re not fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, you’ll be fighting like the Iraqi or Afghan. By all means, don’t believe me. And realize that none of it matters either way if the community ain’t behind you.

I can hear the caterwauling now…like a bobcat in a river bottom…

Armed at Home…

It’s the right thing to do.  It doesn’t matter how ‘nice’ or ‘affluent’ your neighborhood is perceived to be.  The wolf is always at the door.

Read this from, “Bearing Arms,” and then place your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother, or sister in the place of this victim.

Hips and heads.

Video below.  Be advised, it’s not for the kids.