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A Palatable Solution

Thought provoking post over at, “Men of the West,” original, here.

Over at Vox Day’s Blog, Vox Populi, a good discussion has been had on the fact that the past few decades (or more) have been a charade, as far as politics go.  The globalist worldview is in shambles, and continues to deteriorate. In the midst of this conversation, the estimable Tom Kratman offered his thoughts, which you can see in the screen shot above. Therein, he raises and important question, and one that I have struggled with. Some of our regular readers and commenters will agree to the veracity of that fact. Some of them have gone farther down that line than I have, to this point.

Now, this does not mean that I do not realize the possibility of no palatable solution being available. I just hold out some ray of hope that one can be found. Of course, that totally depends on how you define “palatable.” I am quite comfortable with repatriation of all non-Americans, which we have discussed before. Muslims need to be sent packing. I wholeheartedly welcome a “Big Beautiful Wall” on our Southern border.  So I do find all of that palatable.

What I hope to avoid is excessive violence to make it happen. I am no Pollyanna, expecting all sunshine and rainbows, and that these non-Americans will gladly pack up and leave. I am sure that there will be many isolated cases of violence and forced repatriation. However, I would sure like to avoid wholesale bloodshed. At this point, I find that unpalatable.

However, the situation is not static. It is a very dynamic scenario, and if those non-Americans refuse and react with violence, then we will have no choice. There comes a time when what used to be unpalatable becomes palatable.

I agree with Kratman. There is a very real likelihood that no palatable solution will present itself. If that is how the chips fall, then so be it. I just hold out some small sliver of hope that a more palatable solution can be found.

Either way, Men of the West have to be prepared for the absolute lack of palatability. If we have steeled ourselves to that unpleasant possibility, recognizing that we might have to do things we do not want to do, but must, then we will be much more efficient and effective when the time comes. And prayerfully, we will be pleasantly surprised with a better option.

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