3 comments on “The Blogosphere Commentariat…To Flame or Not to Flame, THAT is the Question!

  1. I have been around the internet long enough to have learned to ignore the flame warriors.
    WRSA has some very good stuff and I admire Pete tremendously but I can point to some regular commentators over there to make my point.
    I don’t comment here much because there is very little I can add to the conversation.
    In this case, I try to keep my mouth shut (for once) and actually learn something.
    That’s why I come here in the first place.
    For my $.02, I would like to see more of the “unconventional” self and home defense weaponry and tactics explained and illustrated.
    I’m too old and physically tore up to be doing any kind of hauling, hiking or packing around twenty or thirty pounds anymore and will be concentrating on standing my ground if necessary.
    In the mean time, keep up the good work and don’t feed the trolls.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for dropping by and for the input. We’ll see what we can come up with on the ‘unconventional’ self/home defense weaponry explanations and illustrations. I hear you on the physical limitations, and totally understand about standing your ground.

    Thanks, and you’re welcome here anytime. Your blog, by the way, is a regular stop. Very entertaining!

  3. Sounds logical to me. I learn more from ‘I don’t agree and here is why’ posts than the ‘me too’ posts. I may not be convinced and change my mind, but new perspective is welcome. Thank you for stating that above.

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