4 comments on “Walk About Camouflage Comparison Paradox…

  1. Thank you for the effort to compare them in the natural element. Like your area (and many others), the problem is that one pattern seems okay in one environment but stands out in another. In the heavy shadows / very full brush, I’m sure the woodland would conceal better, especially with no background light.

    I’m kind of wondering if having a light uniform, streaked with dark colored striping would conceal well in both environments. The heavy striping mimicing tree trunks. the lighter uniform appearing to be beyond.

    Thank you again for the post.

  2. Something that I’ve noticed in doing all the camouflage pattern videos that I’ve done, is that sometimes, things that “look” like they’ll work good, don’t, and things that don’t, do.

  3. Has anyone compared a hunting camouflage (like Mossy Oak or Real Tree) to Woodland or Multicam.

    My speculation is that in the right environment are they fairly effective except against NVGs. Hunting patterns are obviously less forgiving of environment changes. Does the data show this or are hunting patters a gimmick?

  4. Occasionally, when training a group of folks, a couple will show up in ‘civilian’ hunting camouflage. The pro’s are that they’re subdued and flat, so they blend better than blue jeans, but at the same time, they don’t blend unless you’re in the exact type of natural surroundings they’re designed for. The best, ‘civilian’ pattern I’ve come across is ASAT (All Season All Terrain). In winter it really helps you disappear in all but a few environments.

    There are a few NVG comparisons on youtube; I’ve found that the old school ‘desert night pattern’ of the 80’s and a sage green flight suit with painted/dyed diagonal stripes about 4 inches wide in irregular patterns works really well.

    Others MMV.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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