4 comments on “A Shot Across the Bow?

  1. Tin Foil Hat Advisory!

    I wonder if the upcoming Gotham Shield 17 gamers in New York/New Jersey wanted to get more current electric grid disruption data to update their probability models. Different populations, different grid dynamics, different transit systems, different infrastructure, what a data gold mine!

    /Tin Foil Hat Advisory

    Staying on the farm next week. Going into the City, wouldn’t be prudent. (enunciated like GHW Bush)


  2. I believe that it was a test run, a precursor to the upcoming collapse. I’m using it to increase preparations. No panic or fear, just grim determination.

    Winter is coming.


  3. A possibility or maybe Black Swan event. Three simultaneous power outages – what are the odds of that happening at this time of year ?

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