9 comments on “Re-Post: If/When SHTF, How Much Ammo Should I Carry?

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  2. You hit the nail on it’s head, PT -PT, then do more PT. PT is more important than gear , what weapons you use or how many mouse turds you can get in a baggie. I run nothing more than a three day rig (M-1 Garand + 1911a1 with 216 Rd. for the rifle and 35 for my .45) on a set of ’56 webbing. My whole patrol kit with MRE’s,gun care kit ,sox , jungle hammock, poncho liners and poncho, canteens, E-tool ,knife and bayonet is lighter than 50LB. That 50 is still a stone bitch after three days in the field. I’d whine about my age now but nobody cares , so eat some ranger candy , drink water and drive on.

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  4. “if S does HTF, you’ll be carrying all the ammo you need for the rest of your life….or so I’ve heard.”

    You heard correctly brother. Whatever you carry with you into the field when the SHTF will probably be the last load realistically. Of coarse we all wish to live on after a good fight but this is not the case when a total breakdown occurs. Even if you do make it back to your sanctuary after a fight, you may be attacked there once the enemy knows you’re now a threat. The point I am dancing around here is that we should only venture forth into battle not expecting to return to hearth and kin…

  5. well i look at like this: i don’t care how in shape you are and how good an infantryman you are, excess weight slows you down. slow is dead, period. besides, without air, arty, dustoff, and a battalion in reserve how long do you think you’ll live in a firefight? not long enough to expend all that ammo you have hanging off you like a boat anchor that’s for sure. go light, go fast, beat a hasty retreat to your defensive position that you have stocked . ..when we trained locals, we gave them two mags, two frags. any more and they would stand and fight on the objective too long, and get mopped up every time. i carry one in the gun, two or sometimes three on the belt depending on how far out i plan on going. if you flat out must, drop several caches along the way. not hard to hide an ammo box full of loaded mags. i think a lot of the folks rocking all this gear and body armor are going to die quickly from moving slowly, and being married to their gear. but hey, what do i know? i only did it for 29 years. maybe i was doing it all wrong that whole time.

  6. Thanks for the valuable input; for the NPT which is decidedly not blessed with support units such as those toy mention, what you have is possibly all you have.

    Sincerely appreciate your experience and willingness to add to the conversation.

  7. Folks like me are truly blessed to have guys like you to instruct and guide.
    We have the heart, just point to what we need to do.
    Keep up the good work !

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