7 comments on “Coming to a Neighborhood Near YOU!

  1. To your previous point about people needing to take notes from folks who know better, this guy seems to be a genuine wannabe. The ego here might even be weighable on a scale….who post’s their physical location as that of a legitimate establishment? And the age group of 18-25 is dead on for that age that wants to leave it’s mark one way or another.

    Good for him for following his convictions? I guess. Anti-authoritarians trying to be authorities tend to not do well in my experience. I hope him the best.

  2. You know, I’m really enjoying my new Ruger 22/45 Lite. Comes with a threaded barrel and now has one-button takedown. Very thoughtful of Ruger, don’t you think?

  3. This kid is a whole gallon pail of Neapolitan f up.
    I can’t imagine what that call to prayer sounds like when it’s done with some corn pone drawl. Junior Samples and Jerry Clower sing songs of the Hadith.

    On a positive note if enough of this poo gets flung we might get to have something similar to the Templars again. That would be fancy.

  4. I’ll put it this way, if this ass clown, or any of his compatriots showed up in my AO, I guarantee that an ass whoopin’ would be handed out.


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