4 comments on “As If….

  1. We are so screwed! I support Trump, no longer! I was suspicious with all of his cabinet appointments, but now it is obvious who controls him.

    I agree, we need to step it up in all areas. Time is short, winter is coming.


  2. I believed during the election and up until now, that President Trump’s election provided us, at best, a 2 year reprieve from where we’d be and what we were going to go through if ‘that woman’ got elected. Now, the time period has been compressed significantly….although I’m hoping for as much time as possible.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I support what Trump did. He let Chaos off the chain for a split second, then reined him back in. This is nothing more then a “Bitch” slap. The President does have the authority to launch such attacks under the “War Powers Act” These involved American interest:Reagan invaded Grenada to free American Med students, he also launched air raids against Libya, as well as intercepting a jet liner carrying terrorists that hijacked a foreign ship and killed an american. Bush invaded Panama, after Noreiga (LOL) declared war on us and then killed an American Service member. Finally Afghanistan we invaded in Oct. 03, albeit Congress did authorize the use of force to go after terrorist, but never formally declared war.

    Now for using the War Powers Act, thats not in Americas interest: Desert Storm, I earned my CIB there. Saddam invaded Kuwait. Then Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti and the invasion of Iraq2, I have probably left a couple out, feel free to add to the list.

    We finally have a CIC that is not apologizing to the world. Trump showed that if you gas your own people there will be consequences, unlike his predecessor who marked a line in the sand then when it was crossed, just backed it up further and further, not to mention all the lies he spewed which are coming back to haunt us, It also let Fat boy , who is riding on the short bus on nation states (North Korea) that play time is over and we will hit you if need be. Im hearing that Fat Boy has now gone into hiding because of this.

    Also we took out the Russians top of the line S400 system, they didnt even spin them up they stayed cold. Russia has touted this ADA as the best and capable of knocking our Tomahawks out of the sky. The Russians were to busy evacuating their personnel, because of the heads up we gave them. Now if this was going to escalate, we would not of told Putin what we were fixin to do. Now the Russians are sending a ship to the “area” where our ships were that fired the cruise missles. I say Ok, and?

    I dont believe Trump or Chaos want a wider conflict. Remember we do have Infantry/SOF elements on the ground operating in the area that was gassed.(Thanks Instagram!) One could make a very good legal as well as a military argument for self defense in protection of those units.

    Just my .02

  4. While I respect your opinion, I still hold fast to the constitutional limitations as originally written and intended, War Powers Act (which was strictly put in place for defensive measures against the US, and in the Syria launch, it was admittedly punitive, which takes the strike outside of the parameters of the WPA) notwithstanding.

    The simple fact is that our government, no matter who is in control, has constantly lied about the causes for war since 1860, followed up by the Spanish American War (1898), “Remember the Maine,” WWI (1914), “The War to End All Wars,” WWII, (1941), “Pearl Harbor,” as now proven by the release of classified documents that the US knew the attack was coming and did nothing about it, Korea, (1950), Eisenhower’s folly which led to his Farewell address warning about the military-industrial complex, Vietnam (1965 – Advisors in country much earlier than ’65) “The Gulf of Tonkin Incident” – proven to be a ‘false flag’ done by US ‘agencies’, Desert War 1, Bosnia, 9/11, where no Declaration of War was given (congress cannot constitutionally abdicate its duty by ‘resolution’), except that G.W. Bush told the nation that the enemy was ‘terrorism’ which is a concept, not an entity (much like saying the enemy was National Socialism (which would have been fine as socialists ARE the enemy today) instead of Hitler’s Germany.

    General Smedley Butler said it best, “War is a Racket,” and as such it is in our best interest to avoid it until Congress, as our elected representation, declares cause for war by its declarative powers to do so.

    It is further my opinion that all those clamoring for escalation go down to the nearest recruiting station and ‘walk their talk’ by enlisting for 6 years.

    Disclosure: I did over 21 years active duty, so I’m not the pot calling anyone a kettle.

    Thanks for stopping by and for providing your opinion.

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