7 comments on “Test Your Gear….

  1. Where is this? I just did 3 three miler with 50 pound ruck. Knocked out 100 air squats with the pack o , and 115 push ups without. Outfit was T shirt, shorts and tell nis shoes. I was evendors sweating heavily (Louisiana weather)

  2. Well, it’s well North of where you are, friend! Michigan, to be exact. Glad you’re in great shape; others could use your example. Even in the warm climate you’re in, you still might want to test your gear, so that when the rainy/cold (40F or so) comes, you’ll be good to go. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Agree with the ‘ Wooly Pully’, one of those under my M65 w/ liner has kept me comfortable in cold weather deer stand hunts. I think the key is making sure the outside liner is over sized for more trapped air for insulation. When walking, I in fact have to keep the jacket only partially zipped or risk starting sweat.

    Where I lack is boots that shed mud. Hiking in rain on trail gains me a couple pounds of mud. If we lived in hill country, could be dicey ascending / descending steep trails. Any boot sole suggestions for conditions ?

  4. You’re exactly right on ‘dead air’ between layers; I’ve had much the same experience on keeping the outer coat partially open when moving to avoid sweating, especially in cold weather. As to the boot soles, the only boots I’ve ever owned that come close to shedding mud were my old ‘panama’ soled ‘jungle boots.’ They weren’t foolproof, either. Some mud is nastier than other mud, depending where you are. I don’t know of any manufacturers who put those on other boots. I’d imagine if you took a pair of resoleable boots and found replacement panama soles, you could have them mounted as an experiment. Thanks!

  5. Nice! The weather is the same here and I went out the night before last with a medium weight. It was raining sideways and a few degrees above freezing. Good times. I honestly don’t know how you can function with that many layers on. I’d be a heat casualty in no time, cold rain or not. I wore a hat like you have, t-shirt under an unbuttoned long sleeve work shirt, Dickie carpenter pants and running shoes (I want to build my ankles up) and I was sweating heavy with the pace I kept.


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