16 comments on “Question from WRSA Mast Head: “Does a properly-accoutred 21st-century Freikorps volunteer wear a K-pot? Asking for a friend…”

  1. Modern helmets save lives.
    A 30 year old PASGT won’t do shit, but the MICH and newer helmets regularly stop AK rounds.

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  3. Lower left guy has a towel around neck. We wore them under the pack shoulder straps to help cushion the straps that cut into your shoulder/neck and also used the towel tails to wipe sweat off your face. Boonie hat was standard headgear to keep mix of rain and sweat out of eyes and/or glasses.

  4. Need something to mount a NVD on, and it isn’t going on a skullcrusher or my rifle. Suggestions besides a helmet?

  5. As always, spot on analysis/advice, based on real world experience..thank you…

    I feel sooo fortunate to have been in the mid to late 80’s, where the only times we wore helmets (steel pots and PASGT’s) was either while doing airborne drops en masse, on parade or some other useless bullshit ftx…

    Otherwise, the wise NCO’s and some switched on officers (mostly all Vietnam vets) made us wear stripped patrol caps (OD if we could find em, otherwise Woodland or OD boonies) that was it while in the field….

    No body armor, regular LBE with buttpack, mag pouches, canteens, utility pouches and that bitch ALICE…

    Simple, silent, functional, effective for us then….

    I find myself re-kitting that way today, too, i know how it works and feels…..

    i feel sorry for the guys today, i know so many that suffer from various neck, back and knee issues from that stuff…At least i earned my injuries the old fashioned way, not from hauling around a bunch of extra weight/kit…

    Just my useless .002….

  6. Obviously written by someone that does not possess light armor and travel offroad. I’ll keep my helmet when mounted thanks.

  7. First, thanks for stopping by. Second, nobody said YOU should not keep what you have. Third, you could not possibly know what we possess or how we travel, mounted or dismounted.

    Have a very DTG day!

  8. For the “educating of self amateur” I find your articles to be very useful,extremely so actually, and nowhere in this article did I derive that one should throw anything away, Just brought forth truly excellent food for thought about when to use what…..A k helmet still has it’s uses, but as pointed out in the article those uses may not overlap very often with the probable uses of a future “Citizen defense force”. And already made for me at least a lot of how to thoughts. Thank you for the good work.

  9. Deadmeat99 You might wanna look at Crye Precision Night Cap. I put a Wilcox mount on it and it works ok. It beats the hell out of a skull crusher. Just check out their web site for further info.

    Good Luck


  10. I agree, anyone that has been made to wear one of these old style oversized beasts for prolonged periods of time know the neck pain and general unhappiness they cause. As mentioned above helmets do make a stable platform to mount NVGs but there are some pretty good “Bump” helmets that look like the latest generation ballistic helmets but at a fraction of the weight and cost with built in NVG mounts on them. Plus they protect your head from the more likely bumps and bangs than AK rounds.

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