One comment on “Denninger: Trump and GOP Fail: ‘Obamacare Repeal/Replace’

  1. $100/hr ain’t bad money. But there’s the light bill, rent in an office building, receptionists and cleaning staff, ubiquitous paper pushers sending and receiving records too and from hither and yon for and in behalf of the patients of the physician (even at minimum wage, you’ve spent all your $100/hr on “the help”). There’s a nurse or three in the mix ($25/hr), maybe a medical assistant ($11.50/hr). Oh, and don’t forget insurance for your employees. Speaking of insurance, you need some malpractice insurance…spendy stuff! Might want a stethoscope or two for your clinic, mostly because they look cool (and we know it’s perception that heals). Let’s say said doc managed to sneak out of medical school with half the debt his classmates did, he’s only $150k in the red on day one. That’s without buying a car or a house or a dog. Think he or she is going to pay that loan bill plus all other incidentals outlined above (and many many more not listed), plus a budget set of wheels and a little rental apartment 30 min across town on $100/hr? Dream on. How much do you think that doc is going to feel is an appropriate recompense for the years of no-pay work followed by low-pay work (resident physicians earn less than 2nd grade teachers, but when they screw up people die and the families sue them, when teachers screw up the union protects them and little Johnny gets bumped to the next grade)? Maybe the doctor wants to retire by 65, but the years of school and training took until they were in their early thirties to even start work. Perhaps that doctor also wants to be payed at a level that lets them feel the years of thankless work behind them was worth it.
    All that for $100/hr is a hallucination of the grandest order.
    And for the record, I’m not a doctor.

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