23 comments on “Re-Re-Post: Stoicism: Necessary Development for the NPT Leader and Member

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    An excellent article on Stoicism over at DTG. Some excellent things to consider in the article. I have been reading Epictetus, first “The Golden Sayings…” and am currently 60% through “The Enchiridion”. Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” is on my list as the next Stoic writing to read.

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    Read the whole thing-and read this…
    “Here’s an excerpt from a very long article on Stoicism. Feel free to read the whole thing if you have the time or inclination.”

    I would change that to read the entire long article.

    Find the time to read the suggested piece on stoicism-it’s well worth reading.

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  4. A most excellent article. For me, reading it this morning, was a “God thing”. Unbeknown to you, I am sure, God used you to help me. Thank you.

    P.S. Still trying to scrape up the $ to attend your course. “Life” has happened in abundance this year, so I am falling behind in my training.

  5. We either live up to the standards of Men, or descend to the level of mere males-of-the-species. Choose.

  6. “and to accept even slaves as “equals of other men, because all alike are sons of God.”[8]”

    But they are not. Even as they kill our Doctors and Nurses fighting Ebola; even as they destroy our social capital on Halloween (to the point that St. Louis has to declare “safe Zones” for Trick or Treaters); even as school district after school district has to begin to look like a little penitentiaries, with barbed wire, metal detectors, curfews, school police depts; even as they run about “Busting White Heads”, “Polar Bear Hunting”, “Beat Whitey Night” and dragging Whites from cars, another blog opens with the Stoic idea of egalitarianism.

    The races are different. Face it, you will live longer and you won’t have to lie to yourself and your children.

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  8. Your entire comment smacks of moral relativism based upon race. Adopting stoicism to help one through the coming sporty times is not about accepting or rejecting racial differences; it’s about equality of existence and accepting responsibility for everything we do without resorting to blaming/finger/pointing/victimhood. No matter how criminal any group of people, ethnicity not withstanding, act, we, are in fact, all equal before the Supreme Law of the Land: The Constitution. And so being, if we are to escape a tainted decision making process in matters of life and death, we must rid ourselves of morally relative rationalization as to one race is better than another race or one race should be eradicated. To embrace stoic thought process and become more effecdtive in the NPT, we must accept what is; change what we can; have the wisdom to know the difference, and don’t allow ourselves to become a ‘victim’ through emotionally based/charged thinking.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Thanks, DTG. The best part of Stoicism is that it is a livable set of rules and a guide to being good and acting well and in the end, dying well.

    I recommend the following resources to get better acquainted with the philosophy:


    My top three books for the noviate:

    A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

    A Man in Full

    The Emperor’s Handbook: A New Translation of The Meditations

    There is a huge panoply of books on Amazon; my Stoic wishlist already has 55 books and I have a considerable library at home. I did a talk at PorcFest in June on the link between the ancient Stoics and modern libertarianism and that is a book project for me next year.

    Here is a partial list: http://www.amazon.com/Stoicism/lm/R2JTZ08CU60AB7/ref=cm_srch_res_rpli_alt_8

    This a terrific resource and dirt cheap on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Stoic-Epicurean-Philosophers-Epictetus/dp/B000GSRZTK/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1414773799&sr=8-2-fkmr2&keywords=extant+writings+stoicism


    Bill Buppert


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  11. Excellent. I’m a big fan of “A Failure of Civility” and think it has a lot to offer. Since AFOC’s NPT model is based on neighbors and most of them come from varied backgrounds and codes, I’m wondering the best way to sort through working out an absolute moral code. You can’t really pick your neighbors like you can a prepper group (more or less). Talking it out is good but I see serious difficulty getting solid agreement when so many are coming from very different directions. Hope this makes sense…

  12. Living the Stoic life, in my twilight years. raising my granddaughter. Many American men in my age bracket are raising grandchildren. Be Stoic and truthful to your children and grandchildren. Leave behind something good for the following generations. The Hebrew side of the family educates their children.and demands that they do the same. A Stoic view is one of realistic lifestyles and being in harmony with nature and your fellow,deserving man. Good stuff! My dad said , Life is a donkey and a cart.Do you want to be the donkey pulling the cart or the man driving the donkey?” Being of solid character,morals and values does not leave you any wiggle room. It is a strict code and very livable. Many women looking for more in a man,on an emotional level,do not understand why there is not more. Live!

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