4 comments on “Dearborn, MI is in trouble…meaning Southeast Michigan is in trouble…

  1. Now why doesn’t mainstream media provide a ‘walkaround U.S. Arab refugee communities’ to provide the Americans what they can look forward to ? Because of ‘inclusive and we all have to get along with each other’ touchy feelings . . .

  2. Dude….this is literal cherry picked BS. Could you imagine if we all went down south and just simply made some 5 min video with snipits of redneck with no teeth flying the rebel anti-U.S. flag?! LOL. Your findings are nothing but biased evidence for your echo chamber. Not even trying to be an a**hole, but next time you’re here, let me know. I will be more than happy to tag along as an annoying liberal sidekick. I’ll show you how a strong white man can actually interact with the community and not be afraid like you are, little man. I have worked in Dearborn for years, just a white dude from surrounding suburbs, and I love Dearborn. It’s actually refreshing that you spew this biased crap so then Dearborn can rid of all the racist and xenophobic residents or potential residents. And not to mention, that whole story you just told above didn’t even happen. Nice little add in that it was a black guy (; I’m still laughing at that part. – Stevey Parker, Gibraltar MI

  3. You’ve made an error. Let me break it down for you.

    A: There’s no echo chamber here. I do NOT allow ad hominem attacks like your comment.
    B: For not trying to be an a**hole, you’re doing a remarkable job.
    C: Glad that you enjoy and work in Dearborn – I like it myself when I get there, at least certain parts of it.
    D: No spew here. That’s pretty much a liberal term used to demonize and otherwise denigrate positions not fitting the liberal agenda.
    E: I post what piques interest or serves the survivalist/prepper community.
    F: Last, but not least, unless and until you comply with the requirements to post here (which, in context, you did not), you’re done.

    Have a very DTG day.

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