13 comments on “Out of the Box Review of Andre Ronald Bowie

  1. Looks really well made aside from not to spec issues.
    Should not have been any problem for them to send knife with false edge shaving sharp.
    Wonder why the issue with that? Not like it’s all that difficult to do.
    I’m not a fan of wood handles at all.
    Too many possible issues in any long term survival scenario.
    Agree on finger grooves- way to deep.
    Sounds like good company to do business with though-many custom knife makers would not have made you new knife, just discounted price.

  2. Ontario Bill Bagwell’s ‘Helle’s Bell’

    How do these 12″ or the smaller 9-10″ models stack up? I’ve seen them for $100-200 range at times and seem well made. May need a loop for securing knife in the sheath. The design is more fighter than utility but workable. It’s really a pointy cleaver with how thick they are.

    Great reviews. Keep them coming!

  3. One helluva nice knife ! I’m not completely sold on finger grips either (maybe rubbing down ridge edges), but the rest of knife – very nice. You have good taste.

  4. So unless you can bring something to the table other than invectives based on nothing whatsoever, Mr. “Ozark Tactical,” I suggest you save your comments for those of your friends who might listen to you…baseless accusations are not welcome here. Putz.

  5. I just bought a similar knife by this maker. Just curious if you ever received that replacement knife. They sure look good, and your review put me over the top on one – so far, lol. Have you ever figured out just who Andre Ronald is? Or if there even IS an “Andre Ronald”?

  6. First, thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Second, I believe he’s a knife maker out of South Africa. Not completely sure, but that’s what I remember. The sheaths need a lot of work, though. If you want a bomb proof sheath, look up Savage Sheaths out of Pennsylvania.

  7. Hate to say, the knife is marketed under several bladesmiths names, and its none.
    Its a mass-produced knife from Pakistan .
    Teat on the do called D2 blade shoes ot falls well short of claims. You can bid on or vuy one on ebay from $30-on up. I love that they send a piece of paper with a stamped signature on it. I hope you didn’t pay more than $50 for the knife. Its pretty yes, but its a wall-hanger. (The blade is attached to a junk rod that is welded to the blade and is NOT strong enough to hold up to a work load other than killing flies).
    Next time save your money , and buy an American made Bowie knife. Buck makes a nice one from $185 on up. But its well worth it.

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by and the input! Glad to know that others will be able to read and not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous retailers. Mine’s not a ‘go to’ knife, so no loss, but interestingly enough, I provided the specifications for the knife and the maker contractually agreed. I also checked the tang and it’s full, as far as I can tell without removing the handle. So far, it’s done pretty good, but again, it’s not my ‘go to’, as I’ve got a few ‘tried and true’ for that, including knives from Randall, Ek, Camillius, Wall, and a couple others. Appreciate the info, though.

  9. No problem, I happen to be a knife maker and had a client bring me one of these that the handle had broke off , so I repaired. Then started looking into who made it. Somewhere in Michigan? No thats where the importer lives, lol. I too am all about informing the public of misleading practice and false representation and especially when it comes to knives. Which are my passion.

  10. I too can confirm that these knives are made in Pakistan. Andre Ronald, Michael Cody, etc. All just acid etched and English sounding names etched in by the same bunch of importers in Michigan. I have a few, with various names on them. They are novelty knives to me. The sheaths are all the same basic maker as well. Many have Oklahoma Seal snaps. Haha, someone must have bought a TON of those snaps. I didn’t pay much for any of them except the first one. That was $95 at auction. I realized what they were and started limiting my bids to under $50. So three very soft “D2” blades later I tried a pattern welded one. At least that one is a decent field knife. The others, not so much. I think these fake eBay importers spend as much on photography as on inventory.

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