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Dearborn, MI is in trouble…meaning Southeast Michigan is in trouble…

Well, looks like the ‘old homestead’ is just about to pop…

GONE VIRAL: “Dearborn, Michigan is a MESS

Written by DML

Yesterday, I was walking into a 7-Eleven store to get a cup of coffee.  I opened the door and held it open for an African-American man wearing a PENN TRUCKING uniform.  He stopped in his tracks when he reached the doorway and asked, “Do I know you?”

Having never seen this man in my life, I responded, “Maybe you’ve seen me on TV?”

He looked at my face long and hard, then replied, “No, I don’t watch TV.”  I smiled and tried moving into the store but he said, “Wait.  Seriously, I know you — I’ve just seen you recently.”  I remained polite and replied, “Have a great day.”

As I walked away from him, I noticed the other people standing at the coffee counter staring at me — clearly, they were listening to the conversation between myself and the man.

A few seconds later, the man returns to the store and walks over to me as I am making my coffee.  My antennas go up — I’m thinking this guy probably figured out who I am and he doesn’t like my politics.

Ready for an altercation, I stand my guard as he holds his cell phone up to my face.  “This is you”, he proudly exclaims. He then hits the play button. I see myself sitting on an Amtrak train talking about my experience in Dearborn, Michigan.

I laugh, “Yes, that is me.”

He sticks out his hand and says, “You are my hero, brother.”  I ask, “Really, why is that?”

He goes on to tell me about the deliveries he makes to Michigan every few months.  “Fred” is a truck driver, and when he goes to Dearborn he cannot believe the changes taking place.  “The entire place is written in Arabic. People are dressed in full black dresses from head to toe, their faces are all covered.  I don’t like it at all, the place is a mess,” he says.

I ask, “Did you vote for Trump?”  He replies, “F*ck yes.”

The woman next to me is making herself a cup of coffee.  She stops and asks, “Can I see that video?”  Fred hands her the cell phone and she hits play.  Fred says, “What he shows in the video is true.”  The woman then hits pause and hands the phone back to Fred.  “I’ve seen this video — you look different in person,” she says to me.

Fred and the lady tell me they’ve shared the video with all of their friends and family.

To date, just on YouTube alone, it’s been watched more than 2 million times.  Tack on the Facebook version and the pirated copies of the video, and the estimated number is closer to 10 million.

The video speaks for itself.   Here you go — take a look at Dearborn, Michigan:


Out of the Box Review of Andre Ronald Bowie

dsc_0012This photo was sent of the knife I ordered prior to shipment.

Well, it came.  I was away on business, so it had to sit for a few days before I could get it from the post office, but everything worked out well.  To recap, here are the specifications I gave to the Custom Knives rep:

1. 10.5 inch cutting edge (11.5 inch total blade length) 
2. False edge sharpened to the same degree as the main cutting edge.
3. Balance point of the knife 1 inch in front of the hilt.
4. D2 steel for the blade. Same or 440C for the hilt.
5. Grip to be micarta; finger grooves.
6. Full tang construction
7. Well built leather sheath with sharpening stone & pouch.                                                     
8. Blade thickness 3/16 inches thick finished (after final polish).
Basically, I ordered a knife built along the lines of Bill Bagwell’s ‘Helle’s Bell’, or as close as I could functionally get.  A very strong, ‘fast,’ balanced knife that could double as a hunting/survival knife.  The only features this knife was going to be missing was the ‘devil’s horns’ curved hilt and the ‘Spanish notch’.  Here’s a pic of Bagwell’s knife (personally, I don’t care to pay $2,500 for ‘the real deal’ or $500 for an Ontario production copy).
bagwell-knifeAn Ontario Production copy of Bagwell’s fighting knife.
Overall construction & out of the box quality, fit and finish: very good to superb.
  • Packing:A+!:  Outstanding.  Plastic bags around oiled blade; blade in sheath; sheath and knife bubble wrapped with several layers.
  • Certificate of Authenticity:A -:  Nice touch.  As it’s folded, it’s not frameable for those who might want to do so.  Send it rolled so people who want to can put it in their memento files.
  • Sheath: Not Graded, as I’d already planned before ordering to go with a Savage Custom Sheath.
  • Blade Finish:A++! – Extremely Outstanding!  Superb grind and edge finish; false edge double ground for shaving sharpness.  Allows a ‘back cut’ technique to be employed very effectively.
  • Tang:  A:  Presumption of compliance with specifications, as it’s not visible through the grip, but the brass pin indicates a full tang.
  • Blade Thickness:  A:  Exactly 3/16ths finished.\


  • Blade Length: B -:   Specs called for 11.5 inch overall/10.5 inch primary edge.  As received, length 11, cutting edge 10.  Still acceptable, but not to specs as agreed upon.  After training with it for an hour or so, the 11 inch overall length works out fine, so the only concern is meeting customer specifications.
  • False Edge Sharpness:  B+:  Not quite as sharp as the primary blade (it doesn’t shave).  The back cut needs to be as potentially destructive as a primary cut.  Only other fault:  Slightly upswept tip, rather than the straight line ‘attack’ edge as in the Randall 12-9 and Wall 18.  This can easily be corrected in initial or final grind.


  • Balance:A -:  The balance point is about 1.5 – 1.75 inches in front of the hilt.  Not too far off, but still, for delivery, it should be where it was specified and agreed.
  • Grip:A -:  Asked for and received lanyard sleeve in the grip.  The finger grooves are too aggressive for a fighter/survival combination, and need to be more subtle.  A Nice touch is the brass pin through the grip and tang to ensure anchoring with aging of the walnut.  Specified Micarta, but was informed during production that available micarta was sub-standard.  Still, a nicely done walnut grip.


  • Hilt: C -:  Brass is fine; the hilt is an average provision and style from most knife makers; original special request was for stainless or D2; did not happen.


  • Sharpening Stone:  F:  Not provided except as an option at an additional price after contractual agreement.  Should be included OR have an option to have another size pouch placed on the sheath for larger stones or multi-tools.
Final Grade:  A-
Regarding general construction, the only suggestion for quality improvement I can add is to have the hilt brazed to the knife as Randall and Wall knives do.  That one step makes a huge difference in how the knives are viewed from a quality/value standpoint.
When I took it out of the box, it was VERY protected with about an inch of bubble wrap.  Took about 10 minutes to bring her out….

20170208_111307Unwrapped.  Note the oil on the blade; nicely hollow ground fighter/survival knife.

As for the points I wasn’t happy about, the knife maker’s agent was extremely customer service oriented and very communicative, which adds a boost to my confidence.  I admire people who stand behind their product and want to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  He’s sending a sharpening stone because he accepted the original specs, and will ensure I get the features I want on the replacement knife he’s having built to my specs.  Basically, he wants everyone to understand Andre Ronald’s commitment to quality and service, which is laudable in this day and age and brings with it customer loyalty.

So, another review will be forthcoming once the additional knife arrives, and then, based on what we see, we’ll get a final “delivery grade” for this knife maker.  So far, delivery time is much less than other makers, including Randall Made Knives and Wall.  Mine took a bit longer than the 4 to 6 weeks (8 until I got to the post office, but it was there in 7), but not a big deal, really.  Cost?  About 65 to 70% less than Randall and about $100 less than Wall.

We’re exploring options on various blade lengths with this model, along with a grip option.  Time will tell on feasibility and availability.

For Sale…Bumped to the Top for Capitalistic Purposes

Next is a brand-spanking-new, never carried or sharpened Case XX KaBar.  I was going to make it into a survival knife/multi-tool-ferro rod kit, but decided against it as I have a few already.  The only thing I did was beeswax the sheath.  That’s right…not Sno-Seal, real beeswax.  Bomb. Proof.  SOLD Pending Funds.


The last one is an Ek knock off, plenty sharp, and well used.  It’ll come in a Blackhawk knock off sheath.  WYSIWYG.  SOLD Pending Funds.


Guess Who??

It’s ‘Ol Remus!


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Kristallnacht
A little rhyme of history

Kristallnacht 1938
Crystal Night was two days and nights of terror informally endorsed by Hitler, publicized by Goebbels, enabled by Gauleiters, carried out by paramilitary and civilians, and unopposed by law enforcement. They were, in this sense, spontaneous.

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A Great Multi-Tool Comparison

So, you say, you’re going to pick yourself up the best multi-tool for the money, but you don’t know the pros and cons of one compared to another?  This article, from, ‘Clever Leverage‘ provides your answers.

The Best Multi-Tools to Pack for Survival, Hunting, & Camping

Leatherman Super tool 300

If you asked me what multi-tool do I have with me in my “Go-Bag” and in the field it’s this one pictured above: The Leatherman Super Tool 300 with bit driver extension and extra bits. I bought mine for under $100 on Amazon and you can too. Just like the Leatherman Wave, this model comes in 420HC stainless steel. I chose to go with the black oxide finish; you may like the plain stainless finish better. This is another great pick for campers and survivalists. It’s worth mentioning that the Super Tool 300 has a file and saw, and you know I’ve “gotta” love that.

Another great feature for outdoors people is the option of an awl. Everyone should carry cordage into the bush with them, but what if you find yourself having to stitch and thread fabric and other materials together for repair? It’s an underrated tool for both Swiss-army knives and multi-tools, but when you need an awl, they are worth their weight in gold. Here’s the low-down on the Leatherman Super Tool 300:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Replaceable Wire cutters
  • Replaceable hard-wire cutters
  • Standard Wire Cutters
  • Electrical Crimper
  • Wire Stripper
  • Knife
  • Serrated Knife
  • Saw
  • Awl
  • Ruler
  • Can Opener
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wood / Metal File
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Optional Driver Extension and Bits

The Leatherman Super Tool 300 has a little more heft to it at 9.6 oz. When you hold it in your hand, and work the pliers back and forth, you know you’ve got a quality tool at your side. I can’t stand cheap, rickety tools, and this bad boy is far from it.

Read the rest, here.


From ‘Stop Shouting’…

Time to take off the blinders and get a look at what’s en route to ‘everytown, USA.’  Yes, it is difficult to watch.  Yes, you may want to remain safely in denial.  Yes, for your family you must force yourself to accept this is happening, assisted in large part, by the cultural Marxists and SJW’s in our midst.

Better keep doing your PT, studies, NPT building, and all those things that have become the duty of concerned Americans.  It sucks, but we drew the duty.

The original post is here.

Trojan Horse Politics and Bitter Clingers

We urge you to download and save this video if you have the capability to do so and to share it with anyone you care about. The reason many people don’t know about what is really happening in Europe is that videos like this are censored, taken down from social sharing media, and there has been a deliberate media blackout about the reality of life on the ground for the native born population of Europe.  Those who speak out are threatened and “anti-blasphemy” laws are being codified into law, which makes it a crime to criticize Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

This is what is happening in Europe today, and will be happening in the United States soon if we do not have the political will to be called racist, Islamophobic, fascist, and RESIST. The video should horrify you and give you pause about what an invasion of this magnitude throughout every small city and town in the United States would mean for you and your family. The night vision footage of the seemingless endless train of migrants sent chills up my spine, and it should yours too. These towns are being overrun, and no one is coming to save them until they rise up and demand collective self-defense.  Sweden and Germany are rape zones, which the media and government are colluding to cover up and under or not report. The same is happening here.  Violent crime statistics are being wilfully not reported. The Left has been busy broadcasting that “no refugee” from any of the 7 listed countries on the travel ban have been involved in “terrorism” or “murder” in the US.  This is false.  A number of refugees settled into the US have been involved in acts of terror, including violent rape and murder.  That threat to your safety and security will escalate if you are afraid of being called a “racist” or “fascist” because you feel you are entitled to the “privilege” of peace and freedom from violence.

Tens of thousands of military age male African migrants amassed in Mexican border towns awaiting to be granted asylum to the US under a secret pact according to documents discovered by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch uncovered a plot for secret amnesty for tens of thousands of  >> African economic migrants pent up in the border towns in Mexico << bordering the United States, almost all military age Muslim males, waiting for the opportunity to enter. There are many more migrants from the Americas (South America, Central America and Haiti) also amassing at border towns who had been advised that as long as they were able to enter the United States, they would be allowed to stay, would be resettled at taxpayer expense and eligible for the full range of social welfare benefits. The vast majority of them undertook this journey independently, guided by smart phone GPS apps along established corridor routes. It took significant resources and coordination for these people to finally arrive at our southern border.

We are not supposed to ask how these migrants managed to pay for, and complete, the many thousand miles journey from Africa to Central America, transit safely through Mexico with the assistance of GPS route guidance to be told to wait at the border until the time is right.  This didn’t happen accidently.  The questions we must ask are: who funded this, who organized it, and how are they going to be brought to justice.  This is a planned invasion, organized population replacement and extinguishment no different from any other attack on our homeland.  This is a declaration of War by unknown entities against us.

We have a right to safety and security.  We have the right to determine who comes into our country, who is settled into our neighborhoods, and who we feel can be successfully assimilated into our culture and will be a positive, contributing force to our country.

We’ve been having trouble getting the video to play when embedded, you can view it by clicking HERE.