9 comments on “Improvised Self-Defense Tools…

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  2. Seems to be another one of the clickbait fake news one sees so much on so called conservative sites! Like, where are these 12???:??????

  3. You’re stupid, right?

    It’s a shame when the fetus doesn’t get enough oxygen.

    Step away from the input device. Now!

    Joe Fahy

  4. This is a link to an Art of Manliness article…click the link at the beginning of the article.

    Perhaps you should spend more time thinking and investigating rather than getting your panties in a bunch that you are not being spoon fed everything?

  5. Everything in your environment is a weapon. BUT; ” The most important weapon you have is between your ears. If it’s loaded” Robert Heinlein , “Starship Troopers”

  6. a friend was in a situation and grabbed a fire extinguisher it was like striking with a sledge hammer

  7. Why did you have to tell? A liberal that stupid should be left to their own intelligence to figure it out.

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