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Defeating Doomsday Derp: Part Deux by John Meyers

The Author’s opening note, emphasis added: 

The Donald was elected. As the cycle goes, the Patriots are slowly going from burgeoning revolutionaries and restorationists of the Original Constitutional Order to defenders of the new regime and falling back asleep because their team is at the helm. This happens every time a new CEO takes over the Racket in Mordor.

These are the Yo-Yo Patriots and Sunshine Soldiers. They only pay lip service to freedom when their party isn’t winning. When they are in control, they defend every tyrannical measure to the death and surely throw in a few ‘if you don’t love it, leave it’s!’ for good measure. As Pat Buchanan wrote years ago, the Right is doing nothing but preserving the last liberal victory.

I’ve heard it all. From it being legal to start shooting BLM protesters to Trump is currently repealing all gun laws.

I’m here to urge all of you to not develop a bias toward the New Normal. Now is the time to hone those skills and sharpen those hatchets. Let us remember Malcolm X’s talk on the House Negro and the Field Negro. Which one are you?

The previous installment of this series generated a number of comments. In an effort to help combat more Derp that is pervasive in the community, I offer part two. The purpose of this series is not to mock, but to educate. These tactical tidbits are an effort to save a lot of people time, money as well as mitigating lots bad habits and training scars. Lets get right into it. -JM”

It gets better….read it!

Some excerpts:

“Entire YouTube video series exist about how a new concealed carrier can ease into working up to carrying a round in the chamber by using snap caps and other silliness. I could sum up this entire issue by simply saying, if you are not carrying a round in the chamber, you are WRONG, but lets talk about some draw backs to the method.”


“When learning skills less tends to be more. If you are learning skills for the first time or have just learned them and are starting to gain conscious competence in them, it may be best to keep the extraneous kit off body, and work only with what you need, adding in the kit at a later date if it fits the context of your lifestyle or mission. If you are doing drills that only require 2 magazines and the main goal of the training day is to work those skills alone, why do you have on 60 lbs. of other kit you don’t need? If you can answer that, carry on then.

This brings us to the “train like you fight!” mantra. As Pat McNamara points out in his unique and brilliant way, lets not confuse that mantra with how much Velcro and Fastex buckles we can strap on. Train like you fight is about training for the context of your life and mission. Perhaps working skills in adverse conditions, etc. If you work in a cubicle for 12 hours a day, your only weapon is a S&W Shield and 1 magazine, and you are in a suit and tie, just realize that you running carbines and chest rigs and helmets in full multicam probably shouldn’t be your first priority of training. If you live and work from home, and you have a carbine within arms reach, that should probably be your priority. There is nothing wrong with going to a carbine class and running mags out of your pockets, in street clothes, because if you carry a truck gun and have to bail out or have to defend your home from a violent break in, that is probably how you’ll be set up.”


My favorite:  “One of the biggest issues with preparedness or training groups in particular is getting people all on the same page. Getting folks to make X a priority. Be it issues with time, money, resources, dedication or drive, it’s hard to get stuff done individually, let alone group tasks or work. This needs to change. We need to do the best we can with what we have. If we cannot afford a gym membership, but we need to lose 20 lbs., the only thing stopping you from going on a run several times a week and changing your diet is you. If we claim we don’t have time to train, but we spend our weekends watching football and throwing back beers, lets just be honest and say that training isn’t a priority. We also have to recognize one’s Span of Control. We cannot really control what other people do or have prioritized as important, but we can control ourselves.”

The rest of it is waiting for you to soak it in….go get some good advice!

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