7 comments on “Lies About, “Knife Fighting” Your Mother Never Told You….

  1. Nice pic! Those damn movies are why I’m all screwed up… they were pure heroin for my punk ass.

    Don’t you want to look me in the eyes when you stick it in there and twist it around? Come on Bennett, let’s party. As said to a sweaty man in leather pants.

    Man that’s filthy taken out of context.

  2. I have zero experience with fighting with knives, but if it were possible, I’d want an object that prevents contact with the opponents edge. In other words, if the other guy has a knife, I want something other than a knife. Trading blows with another armed with a knife is a good way to get permanently maimed or killed, and only if lives were on the line would that be a possibility, at least for me.

  3. The idea would be not going toe to toe as in a knife duel. Knife ‘fights’ are virtually non-existent anymore to my knowledge. If the other guy has a knife, I would think shooting him would be a good idea…several times. And, having any friends I had with me shooting him several times would also help. 🙂 Seriously, training in edged weapons techniques are great confidence builders and teach balance, footwork, and provide familiarity with anatomical vulnerability and body mechanics, they’re not for use except in the most extreme emergency when you’re probably going to die anyway….last ditch thing….or something.

    Bottom line? Shoot the guy with a knife coming at you in the face at about 25 – 30 feet…..just sayin.

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