2 comments on “UPDATE: Product Review: Wall Knives – Randall Style Model 18 with a 14 Grind – First Glance

  1. Savage sheaths don’t even compare to Sullivan’s who makes them for Randall Knives! Sullivan’s leather is much better quality too!

  2. I’ll have to disagree, because in my experience, the opposite is true. I have, and have had, several Randall’s with the Sullivan sheath, and they are a much lower quality. I’ve owned a Model 1-7, a 14, a 12-9 w/14 grind, and an 11. Randall’s knives are above reproach. Their chosen sheath? Not so much. Randall used to provide Johnson sheaths, which were much, much better quality than the current Sullivan. I’ll provide some photos in a comparison/contrast in an upcoming post.

    Here’s something else about Sullivan sheaths: You get the sheath you get when you buy the knife. With Savage, you get a sheath made to your specifications, and if something’s not quite right, he’ll do it again. And for much less than the Sullivan costs for a replacement. The Savage sheath I bought for my 12-9 (because the Sullivan sheath was not hacking it (pun intended) in the bush in all seasons) has been absolutely bomb proof in the same unfriendly weather. The one thing I did different was to order the sheath “naked,” meaning no dyes or finish, and when it arrived, I saturated the leather with Sno-Seal. To this day, I can submerge it for extended periods and it stays waterproof. No rot. It stays stiff, so the knife point doesn’t start to come through when the sheath is tied down (which it does on the Sullivan). And…drum roll….the Savage cost me $60, shipped.

    But thanks for stopping by and providing input.

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