4 comments on “And “Black Lives Matter” adds Their ‘two cents’….

  1. If I get less than 100 heads before I go down, I consider that a loss.

    I swear that I will not lose.

    How do you like those odds, BLM?

  2. “Dear blm/>13% of the population; even if Trump should not win; you’d best shut your mouth. We outnumber you better than 5 to 1; we’re better armed, supplied, trained – and, since your cognitive skills are low (go look up cognitive – or ask someone to ‘splain’ it to you) we’re not simply angry – we’re fucking pissed off and tired of your shit. If you aren’t happy here, join the BTAM – the Back To Africa Movement, and get the fuck out. You won’t be missed.
    And take your fucking mulatto king with you. We’re done with you, your fucked up backwards ebonics shit, your low or absent morals and values, and most of all we’re tired of supporting you.
    The black folks who are embarrassed by you and your shenanigans won’t miss you either.”

  3. Sit down and enjoy a fresh hot cup of stfu. Best thing for you BLM folks is to stay home.

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