5 comments on “Re-Post: It’s Winter – Time to Make Sure Your Rifle is Prepared

  1. Not trying to be pedantic, but define “very, very cold”? I live in the south, so your definition is likely different than mine.

  2. Well, ‘very, very cold’ is relative to what you’re used to, but in the case of winter rifle preps, iIf your temps don’t get to the point of below 32 degrees Fahrenheit on a consistent basis, you can regulate how much lube or oil you leave on your MBR accordingly.

  3. Good advice. Did a few arctic ops and one above the arctic circle and it should be noted that even in 30-40 degree weather, taking your rifle into a heated environment will cause it to sweat and then going outside again, it all freezes solid. In colder temps, even worse. Also, perform a bolt check every now and then (pull it back like a brass check) to make sure it operates. The SOP is to stack arms outside of the hut, under a sentry’s watch of course.

  4. Good read, DTG! Here in the vast “fly-over” Midwest, it can easily plummet to -25*F in the winter season. My SOP has been to make-ready all firearms, and then as the “acid test,” leave a portion of them outside all night on the attached deck in the below zero temps. Rotate the remainder of my pieces out in the cold after bringing back in the first set.

    RESULT: my lubes worked well in the below-zero environment. The AR15s, Garands M1As and bolt guns’ actions worked fine in the cold.

    A great surprise: the old 12 bore Winny pump slowed to a crawl in the deep freeze, due to an over abundance of grease on the slides and inside the receiver.

    MORAL OF STORY: in old Man Winter’s season, less is best!


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