5 comments on “UPDATE – Continuing Training: Ruck Walking

  1. That is awesome, I echo TR comment above.

    A question – have you ever been approached by law enforcement personnel wondering what you were up to ? I’ve been thinking of adding a ruck sack (rice and or bean sacks) to my daily walking the dog routine, but the nearby local university has security which are pretty nosy at times.

    How do you handle that – JUST GETTING IN SOME EXTRA EXERCISE OFFICER. An inconvenience I guess of having that facility close by.

    Keep on being awesome.

  2. No, never approached by the police for any reason. I’ve had a couple of ‘eye contact’ moments with a couple units on a neighborhood street, and I basically looked up, smiled and waved, and the officer smiled and waved back. I always carry ID and any licenses that are appropriate, and I say, “Hello!” to everyone I pass (a lot of dog walkers and women), which seems to put people at ease. I’ve also had unofficial contact with two of the local PD at social functions and have told them that I do ruck walks all around the city, and they think it’s great. Word spreads. I also let my neighborhood association know what I do, so they get the word out to more folks than I can. I don’t get bothered by anyone. Something else you can do (which I’ve done) is let my wife walk with me for a few miles (until she gets tired), and when people see you as a couple, it puts their mind to rest. Walking the dog with a ruck isn’t a bad idea, either. Instant, “he’s ok” type reaction.

    I have found the more courtesy I exercise while doing my ruck walks, the more smiles and waves I get. Oh, and I never, ever have anything that could be construed as ‘threatening’ hanging off my ruck. No machetes, tomahawks, etools, etc, etc. etc. The outside is pretty smooth (save for my team FAK), so nobody gets alarmed either.

    Doing these in the area I live has another purpose besides training: Building legitimacy by being seen as non-threatening, friendly, and a ‘nice guy’. When having NPT development meetings, some of the people who’ve seen me might be there, and there’ll be a connection….might help with the meetings.

    Stop back by and let me know how it goes!

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