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Cornelis Springer, Zuiderhavendijk Enkhuizen, 1868

                            Cornelis Springer, Zuiderhavendijk Enkhuizen, 1868

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Michael Lind at Smart Set says , “Politics is only possible in a society in which much, if not most, of social life is not politicized.” Here’s the corollary. Where all things are politicized, the official position is taken to mean the only position. Therefore there is no official position, or any other position. So the notion of debate is preposterous. There is “the position” and there is hate. That’s all, that’s it.

These two excerpts from Seattle Times articles below demonstrate how Soros’s mega-racist Black Lives Matter outfit is being taken outside the reach of debate. Yer going to slap your forehead. It’s so simple. Just dilute the BLM rants with audience-tested confections and pump ’em intravenously into whitey’s toddlers.

About 2,000 Seattle educators wore Black Lives Matter shirts at their schools Wednesday to call for racial equity in education … The district said in a statement that it has asked students, family, staff and community members to “engage and join the conversation in our united efforts to eliminate opportunity gaps.” As a public institution, the district doesn’t take official positions on social or political movements … Each school planned its own events for “Black Lives Matter at School” day.

The school was inundated with hateful messages after conservative news outlets posted stories about the school’s teachers planning to wear Black Lives Matter shirts … In addition to the shirts, PTAs at several schools have made buttons and stickers for teachers and students to wear … For the teachers, the whole episode drove home that racism still exists and that their work addressing racial equity matters … “You’re wearing these shirts, but if you’re not really doing the work, the shirts mean nothing,” Jackson said. “When the shirts come off,” he added, “that’s when the real work begins.”

They tell mom ‘n dad not to worry, “the district doesn’t take official positions”. Well of course not. There isn’t any other recognized position. There is only “the position”. Notice also, “the school was inundated with hateful messages”, meaning stuff contrary to the Not An Official Position.

For mommy and daddy’s part, they wouldn’t want their name added to the Big Book of Haters, now would they. Think of how hurt their kids would be should their playmates learn they’re being raised by Literally Hitlers. No apology could suffice, no rejection of their parents be enough. A life of devotion to Huey Newton Himself couldn’t atone for such a taint.

Next please.

Read the ENTIRE thing, here.  Put the link in your favorites; it’s WORTH the time spent reading!

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