7 comments on “If You’re Wondering Why Society Acts as it Does, Jesse James Provides Some Stimulating Thoughts…

  1. Universal franchise worked for Jacksonbecause there were natural culls on idiocy still in place. Today, since those have been alleviated by helpful messages printed on each and every plastic bag should we not instead adopt a policy of franchise by contributor only. Say, if you pay income tax you get to vote?

  2. I’d sign on to that!! In fact, I’d go farther by requiring that a comparison was made of net income against received government benefits, and the vote would only be given to those who had a positive net of income against .gov benefits or ‘entitlements’ with the exception of any VA medical treatment or settlements/pensions/retainers for military service.

    Disclosure: Idea belongs to the ‘Wretched Dog’ and not me. I happen to believe it’s the best I’ve heard on the duty and responsibility (not right) to vote.

  3. And civic duty or military service. 3 years in one or the other. Keep bureaucracy from becoming entrenched as the peons in govt. get replaced every 3 years on a rolling basis. No taxation without representation, and no representation without taxation. If you want to opt out of taxes you may, but you give your right to vote up for a block of 4 years. Term limits for every office of govt, including SCOTUS. Death penalty by public hanging for graft, bribery and dereliction of duty for elected officials. Congress is not paid, but lives in barracks and gets a chow hall and small stipend for meals and 2 weeks leave per year. It’s public SERVICE not public privilege. We get bad actors because our selection process creates an incentive for only bad actors to apply. So let it be written, so let it be done…at least in fictional JJstan.

  4. Yes! I’d want to steal some ideas from RH a la “Starship Troopers” too regarding citizenship but the whole pretense could be boiled down to contributors get a say in direction, the rest are welcome to enjoy the ride and to better themselves by attaining contributor status. We might even get another 200 years along with it.

    Have to say, those are some wannabe rednex in the White House. No engine seen swinging from the tree.

  5. Good call man.
    Chain them to oars and “row well, and live” is topic number one on everyone’s mind.

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