From the Patrick Henry Society: Thoughts on Infiltration and the Inner Circle Non-Negotiables


“If you’re talking about inner circle, you should first define what that phrase means to you. I’m a huge proponent of risk assessment—thinking through situations and making risk projections based on the information you have available, and then either making a mitigation plan for those risks, or simply altering your course of action to avoid the risk entirely. That’s a process that doesn’t get done enough. So when you’re talking about “inner circle,” what does that mean?

People you’re willing to talk about your preps and bugout plan with?

People you would actually SHARE your preps with?

People who you’d take life in prison for?

People who you’d break the law with?

People who you’d turn around from bugging out and go back for?

People who you’d trust to defend YOUR wife and kids with their lives?

As you can see, that tiny list could be expanded a great deal—and your definition may be one, two, or all of those. It may be something totally different. The point is, before you even start talking about inviting people into your ‘inner circle’ you need to define in your own head what that even means, and then you need to decide what kind of person they’d need to be in order to reach that level. What is that person’s worldview? What’s important to them?

People tell you a great deal by how they live. If you’re just looking for someone to organize a rally with, that’s one thing. But if you’re looking to create a solid small group for whatever you’ve got going on, you’ll need to be a LOT more choosy.”

Read the rest, here.  Some really good food for thought as you put your NPT together.

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