And the Night Cap: Don’t Let the “Normalcy Bias” Blind You….

Also from, ‘The Wood Pile Report’….


The Final Act will be World War

This past week has seen the lunacy shift several gears in only days. We see the U.S. pushing Russia for war everywhere. We recently stationed and commissioned live nuclear missiles in both Poland and Romania …along Russia border. I can only imagine the response were Russian missiles stationed in Cuba or even Mexico? Russia has taken this (and other moves) very seriously as their population of 40 million drilled last week for a nuclear attack. They have also stationed their S300 and S400 missiles in Syria, U.S. warplanes will be on suicide missions should they aggress.

This is not “gut feel” or hunch, my conclusions are a result of actions. Yesterday we learned the RAF (British air force) instructed their pilots to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. We also know the U.S. recently painted several planes in Russian colors. Do you really believe this is for a drill? Or more likely some sort of false flag where eyewitnesses swear they saw MIGs with their own eyes attack some target?”

So….if you’re denying what is actually happening outside of your everyday existence, great.  Don’t do the PT, don’t prep, don’t put food up, just eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die……literally.

Me?  I’m going to continue to do everything I can to keep me and mine alive, and possibly, if ever allowed through Divine Intervention, re-establish the Rule of Law where ever I can.


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