3 comments on “THIS…this is why he’s winning….

  1. Nice, where can I get this T-shirt? A proud member of the Bitter Clingers and the Basket of Deplorables.

  2. I remember the Clinton 1990s era and have no reason at all to relive them. The economy at the time was booming, a far cry from what we have now. What I have trouble believing is that so many people are willing to give Hillary a pass, despite all of the evidence that she is clearly a criminal who will not listen to anyone (including Congress) on how to run the country. Least of all the citizens. We’ve already had 8 years of Democrat led country. We need a change before we REALLY make some big mistakes !

    Trump can say some stupid things. He definitely needs some advice on tact and how to get his correct point, just better said. That seems to be the objection here.

    Go Trump.

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