7 comments on “Breitbart News: On Its 229th Birthday, Our Constitution Hangs by a Thread

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  2. Any so called conservative who refuses to vote for Trump cannot be a real conservative for the simple reason of what is at stake. Most of those who are refusing are no different than Democrats and are for the demonic NWO and so America’s destruction must continue. I pray to God that Trump wins and he gets to replace 5 supreme court judges.

  3. Truly the best chance for true freedom is adherence to the Ways of G-d via the Scriptures. But when people are so diverse that they can not accept this message we are left with the Constitution of the USA which is far better then nothing at all.

    Nothing at all is the agenda of those who HATE G-d no matter what form they come in.

    Free Will is still the rule of the day – you can choose to obey G-d or you can choose to dis-obey G-d.

    To sit on the fence is the same as dis-obeying G-d.

    In conclusion: the war between the obedient and the disobedient is all this is about. The rules of engagement are totally different for each side.

    The end result is that the forces of the disobedient may win what they think are huge battles, but in the end, they lose because their wins are in the Physical world and the Obedient Ones win in the spiritual realm.

    So, which is more important – 50 to 100 years in the physical being disobedient or all eternity with G-d for having been obedient in the physlcal and now living and enjoying the fruits of obedience in the spiritually eternal world?

    The choice is always yours to make – that is the Gift of Free Will.

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  5. Americans had better vote as if their lives depend on who they vote for, because it does. If you are having trouble figuring out which of the candidates will take away your ability to purchase and use the gun of your choice, limit free speech, and flood your towns with migrants and illegals I will tell you. C L I N T O N.

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