22 comments on “Re-Post: The Neighborhood Protection Team

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  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    People need to pay close attention to this one-and get their tribe,group,NPT or whatever you call your groups training squared away now-while thete’s still time to train.

  3. I second CA’s suggestion on the 10 week spin up post.
    Seems to be some newly awakened folks around lately.
    I’m getting 2-3 e-mails a day about the feeding your tribe/cooking for large groups/food safety classes.

  4. Well written and thought out. The idea of “distributed area defense” in some manner or another should be promulgated far and wide. JMO.

    Grey Ghost

  5. What do you think of working with the local Police Dept, small suburb, in their Neighborhood Watch program? Using car and foot patrols to observe comings and goings of people entering the subdivision.

  6. And they tend to do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. Which is why the Elite stand behind them and laugh.

  7. I’d like some more feedback on local LEOs. We have an upcoming election of a new sheriff in the county. Without giving too much away, how should we approach the candidates about their perspectives on personal liberty and preparedness? We also have a deputy living in the neighborhood. I don’t know him well yet. I want to protect myself from the pointy end of the upcoming political spear, so how should he be approached?

  8. I thought it was outstanding. Very hierarchical…begin at the beginning.

  9. Is your county within an hour’s drive of any of these DHS Fusion Centers:

    If so, ask the candidates whether they would assign officers to those centers. If the answer is “yes”, as it will probably be for any serious candidate, back away. They are among the foulest of the foul. Those centers are funded by good ol’ Jeh Johnson through DHS, and even though they may be officially under control of some other authority, they dance to the tune of the dude what brings the bucks. Do I need to remind you of what Jeh, and dear ol’ Janet before him, stand for?

  10. Hi Mark,

    I’ve seen your commentary before over at WRSA, and it’s always along the same bent, which is fine, because you have an absolute right to your opinion. However, here, on my blog, my preference is to have discourse that adds to the conversation, rather than detract from it, as much of your commentary does. I’d ask that in the future, please keep my blog preferences in mind.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Your comment was logical right up until you condescended to the discussion participant in your last question. Again, my preference is to have discussions that do not demonize, condescend, belittle, or otherwise stifle the thought process of either new or seasoned participants in the preparedness/liberty learning process.

    Thanks, again, for stopping by.

  12. I apologize for corrupting your forum. Please remove my posts and I will not contaminate your discussions any further. I did not see your previous response before making this post.

  13. For the record, your posts are welcome, so long as they stay generally within the parameters of courteous discourse, even when vehemently disagreeing with either a post, or comment from some other participant.

    I also didn’t say you were corrupting ‘my forum’ or ‘contaminating’ the discussions. This is simply a blog with comments open to any and all that have something to add, rather than take away from, the points being made or the people making them. I prefer not to demonize anyone, including you, even if there is disagreement in world view. We’re all on the same side when it comes to preparedness and liberty, I would hope.

    Thanks for the apology,

  14. It’s still a reactive solution… When will the Patriot Community start being proactive???

  15. Depends on the Dept.. What’s their rep in the community? What’s wrong with going and having a sit down with the Sheriff of Chief of Police? You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find out. They might even have reasonable suggestions on how to do certain things.

  16. Get a few of your group together to go have a sit down with the candidate you like. Have your questions ready ahead of time and ask reasonable questions that cite recent historical incidents. Stay away from the hypothetical questions for now. If you give a recent incident, he can give a specific response and this can be weighed against what the actual incident decision and outcome was.

  17. Oh, a few days after they come to understand that “defensive” is NOT synonymous with “reactive.” Or maybe a few hours in a tight pinch.

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