15 comments on “The Best Bang for Your Buck: Used, Surplus, or ‘Signature Line’ High End?

  1. Odd.. YT has been giving me issues since last night.. works when I play it but Im signed in as well so it might play just because Im signed in….Try in a little while if you think of it.. I flipped a few buttons and it might take a bit to catch up..

  2. “It’s not the gear that makes the person survivable; it’s the skills” – thats the money quote right there. Many people (myself included) often pick the item that ‘high speed death ninjas’ select because we want to own that skill too. Alas – not often the case.

    As far a military gear goes, I’ve had great luck with genuine Swiss military gear. Built for full-time outdoor living, the old Mountain salt ‘n pepper canvas rucks have survived our thorny brushland territory better than synthetic bodied packs. Heavier yes – but they endure, and thats better than carrying the contents in my arms when a pack finally gives up the ghost.

    I’m a knifeaholic too, and own far more than I need for my own use, fwiw. Military contract are simpler and many times easier to sharpen / maintain than the custom steels that higher priced models have. On the other hand, why pay $100 plus for carbon steel like 1095 that ordinary Kabars use and cost half of that ?

    Must be the handle. Or the sexy blade shape – yeah, thats it . . . :^) What should not be comprised is a well made sheath.

    Thanks for the post – Good One !

  3. I have a USGI LBV and web belt. Works fine for my needs.
    Current “combat knife” is a Ontario knife co. SP-1 got it for $29.00 with free shipping from Midway.
    Took a while to resharpen to my standards but it took the edge and holds it well.
    +10 for Bass -O- Matic!
    I actually remember watching the SNL show that had that skit in it.

  4. Agreed …the earlier equipment will meet the Patriot’s needs in the days ahead.
    I use a combination of 1956 alice gear with molle thrown in as needed.
    And the savings are sky high as opposed to today’s high priced “new”
    signature gear.
    Multiple load out systems for mission specific needs.
    But of course, I started laying in my gear nearly twenty-eight years ago.
    When no one wanted it….now it’s considered “collectable”…..
    I encourage those who are new to laying in their gear, check the yard sales
    for the older equipment to avoid the “collectable” prices.

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  6. I have been wanting the Apex system for a long time after reading about it in numerous articles,I last night decided perhaps go in with a few friends,some research shows can get for about 250.00(not a knock off),just going to bite the cost meself and get that system down,then, a lot of work on friends gear.I always look for the best price but demand quality,do not want to blame the tools but meself for not learning/practising better skills,a bass-o-matic would be cool also,keep it with me pocket fisherman(damn thing still works!).

  7. If you’re going to do a lot of work, spend the extra $50 and get the stone leveling kit…that’s why I paid$ $300…it’s worth it, too. Keeps the stones usable a lot longer.

    Let us know what you think after you’ve got it down pat.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks,will look into that,will write in when I get system down a bit.I got a lot of old kitchen knives for free off of a job site rehab,were dumpster bound,older German and would be good to practice on and hopefully good functioning tools when rehabilitated.I am going to watch the Apex video before system comes and get a start on how the little critter works.

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