4 comments on “Or . . . you can just practice with your carbine

  1. Maybe I could use this to make all my magazine floorplate bayonets look totally B A?

    Could possibly market some salt water spray bottles to the same demographic so that their multicams would get that B A seasoned look like they had really been busting ass at pt.

    Practically sells itself

  2. Unfortunately, you may be on to something! 🙂 Good to see you stop by! I remember stories from Korean Conflict/pre-Vietnam era relatives who would take their fatigues and put them in 55 gallon drums that had been drilled with holes and throw them in the drink to soak to get the to look, ‘salty’….but those guys were only trying to get the ‘rookie’ look out of their gear as compared to people today who just want to ‘look the part’….rather than actually build up a sweat doing PT or actual training…..sigh.

    Yeah…you’ll be rich!

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