7 comments on “Pamphlet Review: Summary of Extreme Ownership, by J. Willink and L. Babin

  1. I found it very applicable. There was a point in which he spoke about how Extreme Ownership includes explaining the “why” behind certain actions to your subordinates/team members. I believe he used a different term, the why basically weaves into the “spirit” or end-purpose for the mission. But he related it to securing a building during his service days. Long story short, everyone took ownership of making sure the end-purpose goal was met, even if the first or second course of action to get there had to be abandoned or reevaluated. I also liked his explanation of when something goes south within a team, the leader does take that extreme ownership approach and then it spills over into the mindset of the rest of the team. This might be from the expectations each of them hold each other to, but, they each would find ways they could have made the situation better. Which in turn makes their next run better. I’d definitely look more into what this guy has to say/write about the subject.

  2. Checkout his podcast. One episode he discusses Poole’s Last Hundred Yards. He doesn’t get into current politics unfortunately.

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