7 comments on “A Handy Tool for the Urban or Suburban Get Home Bag…

  1. Darn handy in the urban environs. With this tool, we also keep a clothes washer hose connection (we cut in half to have two units) to attach to the hose bibb. Much easier to fill containers when you have a hose to guide water into container opening.

  2. Thanks – I stole the idea off of a blog or website some time ago, I’m not smart enough to come up with that myself. :^) It does make sense to me, especially if you have several containers to fill – just fold the hose over while transferring to other container mouth.

  3. Well, there’s nothing new under the sun, and stuff on blogs, unless copy-written or otherwise trademarked, is pretty much ‘fair use’. The idea is to get good info out to people who are concerned, so everybody wins. Or at least, less people suffer.

  4. I appreciate the idea of using the washer hose. Not too hard to store that, along with the key in my truck and have it handy if needed. I also keep one of these keys in my “hiking” back pack.

  5. Nice tool, I use it sometimes.

    But as something that will have a lot more applications and do everything this does, I would recommend a pair of vice grips. Just a thought if you’re trying to make the most of weight to practicality.

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