10 comments on “An Explanation of, “The Moral High Ground”

  1. Good topic. Dunno, though. If we’re going/returning tribal ala Mosby or Donovan anyone not “Us” is “Them”. Not my people – not my problem. Clear lines and my people are everything. If we’re having troubles with a group of “Thems” and I see a chance to kill them all in their sleep, I’m liking that option; especially if the alternative is a fair fight that leaves one or more of my brothers on his knees holding his guts in. Perhaps there can be honorable treatment after we win but until then don’t lose, you won’t like it.

  2. Before making a decision such as you outline in your reply, I’d read the entire booklet (it’s not that long) where Pressfield explores that very topic. Example: “Killing them all in their sleep.” might just be fine if you’re talking combatants. Nursing mothers and children? You’ve just become what you fight, if say, you’re fighting mutant chinese jihadist zombie bikers….

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in the discussion!

  3. Will do – I’ve enjoyed much of Pressfield’s other work and there’s always something to learn from him. Regarding becoming what we hate, personally I see a clear difference between terrorizing others for fun and entertainment and going Genghis Khan only to solve a specific problem.

  4. “and going Genghis Khan only to solve a specific problem.”

    This thought process is what has been and will always be used to “justify” acts that are morally reprehensible.

    People who play chess would do well to see a fork move when they’re confronted with it.

  5. Well said- especially “You. Dont. Shoot. Non combatants.
    There’s too much of the kill anyone not part of your group mentality.

  6. True, but when the fate of your people are first and foremost the list of what’s reprehensible gets quite a bit shorter. Heck, even looking at the OT Bible we see the invading Israelites ordered to kill every living thing except the virgin girls who were presumable enslaved or raped by their new “husbands”. Reprehensible is a sliding scale methinks.

  7. That was by order of the Lord through a prophet that would be executed if he ever have a prophecy that didnt come to fruition – if you consider it from a Christian point of view. Apples and oranges. Don’t know about the presumable raping comment, would love to see a verse where it was done with the consent of the Lord God. Which won’t be provided.

    Also a note on the the tribes that were wiped out by the Israelites … People love to quote it without giving mention of the evil that was being committed. Our day and age holds no candle to some of the stuff that was done in that time.

    Again, the fork move is used to force one into a lose/lose situation just like a vote republican/democrat arguement.

    You will never make friends for restoration of community by doing anything but walking the high road.

    Good discussion.

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