2 comments on “71%? You Gotta Be Sh!tt!n Me, Pyle!!!

  1. when out of time – take everyone you can count on!
    tailor the mission to the available talent, and tailor tasks to the caps/lims of the operator.

    meanwhile: get yourself ready. every day is another day to maintain/get fit and prepare.

  2. That’s the crux of the post: You can’t count on 7 out of 10 people, based solely on the statistics in the origin article. Here’s the issue with ‘tailoring’ tasks to capabilities/limitations of the person (decidedly NOT ‘operator’): The mutant zombie jihadist chinese biker gang is not going to give anyone any slack because their ‘limitations’ outnumber their ‘capabilities.’

    Yes, everyday is another day to get fit, maintain it, and prepare….and that is the main point: START doing it now, if you’re not! Push AWAY from the table and get your everwidening ass moving. Or don’t.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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