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Sunday Morning Reading….


Great explanation and provision of understanding of what ‘Sharia’ actually is comprised of, and what it means in comparison to Constitutional government.

H/T to the Feral Irishman.

In other news, apparently Incirlik AB, Turkey has had it’s commercial power, water, and food supply cut off from the outside.  Everything is being brought into the base by AF cargo aircraft.  Food.  Water.  Fuel.

Personally, I’m hoping they’re bringing in more ammo and SF (Security Forces) troops to stave off any assault until they can eject all AF personnel from the base.  Lotta Security Forces troops might not come back from this one.

I’d say we’re about 14 seconds from Midnight…..but that’s me.

So, you want a carbine . . .

Another good one from EDC….

Every Day Carry Solutions


So you want a personal protection carbine . . .

I recommend you build one.  Perhaps not from scratch, but from specifically selected groups of parts.  Youtube is FULL of informative videos on assembling every aspect of the AR-15 platform carbine.   You’ll know your platform intimately.

In this post, while I may include some technical information, it is not a step by step “how to” assembly, but a guiding light on how to decide what you need, and why you need it so you’re not wasting your money.

Before I get into the suggested management plan of your new carbine project – I want to lay a biblical reference on you regarding the passion for one’s choice of armament in a time of need:  This comes from 1 Samuel, chapter 21:8-9.  Hat tip to a good friend for pointing out this little bit of humor in an otherwise perilous situation…

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Or . . . you can just practice with your carbine

Really good advice from EDC….’good on ya’, Irish!

Every Day Carry Solutions


The time for being vain may soon be at an end with the way things are going in this country.

What is vanity?

1. 1.
having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.
“their flattery made him vain”
synonyms: conceited, narcissistic, self-loving, in love with oneself, self-admiring, self-regarding,self-obsessed, egocentric, egotistic, egotistical; More

2. 2.
producing no result; useless.
“a vain attempt to tidy up the room”
synonyms: futile, useless, pointless, to no purpose, hopeless, in vain; More
While I respect that right to buy whatever paint scheme you want for your rifle/carbine, I do not respect the purchasing of enamel that says “this rifle has been to hell and back” (meaning combat), when it really hasn’t at the hands of the user. That is vanity at its worst. It says “let’s pretend I’ve been in combat with my carbine, because it LOOKS…

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Aim For The Hair Of His Chinny, Chin, Chin

Center mass shooting is great to train beginners.  Hips and heads are the best targets to defeat a threat.

If you don’t stop by JC’s blog regularly, you need to…

Mason Dixon Tactical

A long time back, when we would practice CQB, there were two varieties. We had the standard “Toss in a frag and hose the room down on full auto” CQB, and there was “Surgical/Precision” CQB where the shooters use a flashbang and took semi-automatic fired aimed shots at the upper chest or head for hostage type situations. A number of years back, the mantra of “Hips and Heads” came into vogue, and it made absolute sense from the combatants POV, simply because more and more country’s were issuing decent body armor to troops, and the armored bad guy threat (think North Hollywood shootout) was becoming an issue.

Suarez is right when he says we need to adapt or we will die. Hard facts deserve a hard fix. If you’ve been practicing “Heads and Hips” as many of us have been, you’re good to go, but relaying the points Suarez made…

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Pamphlet Review: Summary of Extreme Ownership, by J. Willink and L. Babin

extreme ownership

Keeping it simple, this is the ‘cliff notes’ version for those who don’t have a lot of time to read (or don’t like reading that much) but want the ‘takeaways’ or ‘bottom line’ of the book.  Not a lot to review because all that’s provided in its 35 pages are the twelve ‘key takeaways’ listed right up front, and then an analysis of each follows.  It’s a nice arrangement that you can ‘cherry pick’ what you want, when you want or need it.

The principles contained are very easily adapted to the business, survival, NPT, SHTF, and any world you care to name, because the offering is pure and simple effective leadership, in this case, as taught and professed by former SEALs, but practiced by any high speed/low drag organization whether military or civilian.

If you’re a “kindle unlimited” member, you can read it for free.  I usually buy the hard copy, in this case, I bought both the full-length version and the summary to get a quick view.   I am not disappointed in any manner on the contents so far; in fact, I’m looking forward to reading the full-length book because the summary is so well done!

Here’s the link if you’re thinking about learning or having what you may have been taught reinforced.  Cost isn’t that bad, either:  Free, for Kindle Unlimited members and $6.99 for hard copies.

If you’re in any kind of leadership position, or desire that responsibility, no matter where you are and what you do, this will serve you well.

It’s worth adding to your reference library and incorporating the principles into your daily regimen.

Here’s a taste:

2.  A team is only as good as its leader.  The effects of good leadership are infectious.


12.  Disciplined habits provide freedom in the form of more time, more confidence, and a better model for team members.


8.  An effective leader decentralizes command, delegates responsibilities [and the authority to carry them out] to junior members of the team, trains them in leadership, and trusts their decision making processes.

A Handy Tool for the Urban or Suburban Get Home Bag…

4 way key

This is a “Jones Stephens J40-005 Four Way Key, by Honeywell.  Nice little gadget to have.  It’s made of plated steel, and can be used to open valves, faucets and sillcocks sized at 1/4″, 9/32″, 5/16″ and 11/32”.   Weighs in at about 3.4 ounces.  Not too much to be adding to your GHB.

Imagine if you were granted permission to get water from a property owner, but they didn’t have a valve or key…everybody wins.

A Stirling Example of How Gun Control is Observed by Criminals….


“Authorities in Louisiana said Tuesday that a burglary at a Baton Rouge pawn shop was part of a larger conspiracy to target law enforcement officers amid protests over the fatal shooting of an African-American man by police.”

From Fox News, here.

So….tell me again how the criminal element obeys the already more than 20,000 gun laws on the books, and that if we just have a few more ‘reasonable’ restrictions, everything will be great.

Tell me also how taking away the ability to protect one’s self, family, friends, and community by those who DO NOT USE THEIR WEAPONS TO ATTACK OTHERS OR COMMIT CRIME actually makes us all safer.

Yeah…I know…crickets.  Facts usually do that to those who only want population control via weapons confiscation, like every other totalitarian form of government in history.


Leatherman MUT: First Impressions

As many, I’ve known about the MUT since it hit the market, but being very satisfied with my Leatherman Super Tool 300 (bomb proof), Leatherman Wave (bomb proof & very versatile with the bit kits), and several Gerber MP 600’s (minimally strapped to my field knife sheath or tucked safely away in my Get Home Bag), didn’t give it much thought until I read this post over at Sipsey Street.   Reading Vanderbeogh the younger’s  take on it whetted my appetite because we agree on the bolt override capability of the tool, along with other neat little AR friendly purposes of the MUT (and, truth be told, I also share a bit of the ‘gear whore’ disease with him).

So, never liking to pay retail, I hit ebay, and found the complete NEW MUT, standard model (meaning not with the EOD set up, which I’m not, so it’s no big deal) for $100 out the door.  One of those best offer things that went my way, which isn’t often.  That’s a really good deal, too, because these things retail upwards of $150 depending where you go, and especially if you’re shopping at a brick and mortar location.

Received it and was immediately taken by how damn substantial the thing is in your hand!  The tool itself is almost a complete field armorer’s kit.  I didn’t steal borrow the video from Sipsey because the video owner didn’t allow embedding, so I got the one below.  Just as nice!

This initial review of what came out of the package isn’t all roses, either.

  • There are a few issues that begin with the VERY POOR INSTRUCTIONS provided with the tool.  Come on, Leatherman, the box is big enough, put a small manual that actually describes what and how the features work rather than a simple graphic for every feature!  With as much as your margin is, you can do that, make your customers happier, and most likely enjoy a larger market share.  Think about it.

Next not so good things:

  • The side retention straps are so strong that if you want to put anything in the additional compartments like say, a bit kit, and get the pouch to close with the MUT in it, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!  I had to very carefully cut the straps out to get it to accommodate the bit kit and the tool itself.  Listening Leatherman?  If you’re going to provide the additional pouch, make sure you can put everything in it and still get the tool out without emptying the entire pouch, ok?
  • NO FILE!  Figure it out, Leatherman….the MUT, like any other of your products, is used extensively by the prepping/survival community.  A file is an essential sharpening tool in contingency situations.  Not seeing a file was the biggest dissapointment, but livable because of the potential the tool has otherwise.  Time will tell, as I will take this into survival type classes and training to see how it performs.
  • The price:  I paid a reasonable amount for it:  $100.  To see these things marked up to over $200 depending on the retailer is ridiculous!  MSRP shouldn’t be anymore than $125, with retailer or sales options being between $80 & $100 (my uneducated opinion) because at full MSRP, it’s just not worth the money when I can get something like this, stick it in my kit, and use my other multi tools mentioned above.

Now the things that impressed me in a very positive manner:

  • Overall, if it performs like my other Leatherman tools, this thing is REALLY bombproof.  I’ll be taking it to the range for awhile as well as into the bush so I can use it as my ‘pocket toolbox’ for scope adjustments, etc.
  • The additional bits held on the side are really nice; kind of negates the need for a bit kit, in that you have basically ‘long reach’ standard and Phillips head bits as well as a couple allen bits, long reach as well.
  • The standard small bit doesn’t have to be carried ‘ready’ as it comes in the box.  It has it’s own tension slot so you won’t risk getting jabbed with either end of the bit.
  • Absolutely LOVE the one handed opening capability of the knife blade and saw!  Well done!
  • The knife blade itself is a ‘love/hate’ thing, as I am not a huge fan (actually not really a fan at all) of serrated blade sections.  What makes up for it is that most of the blade is straight and lends itself to easy honing on my Edge Pro Apex 4 or Razor Edge stones without the serrated portion getting in the way.
  • The bottle opener is quite the neat little addition.  Heh.  Put it to a good initial test with the AI; opened a few bottles (for research, only, of course) and it works without fail.
  • The security latch is also nice, but as tight as the tool is (you can’t open it as easily as you might think), it might be a bit overkill.
  • The pocket clip is a nice addition if you’re wearing it in a non-field gear set up, say in your jeans pocket.
  • The Bolt Override device has yet to be tested, and frankly, the way my MForgery performs, I doubt that I will need it, but it’s one of those, “nice to have” things that if I ever DO need it, I’ll be thanking my lucky stars I’ve got it.  I come from the generation that was taught to basically ‘pogo stick’ the M-16 in the dirt until the bolt released and ejected/allowed excess rounds to fall out.  That’s ok if you have a solid one piece stock like the old school rifles, but these new fangled ‘space guns’, well, you could really screw up your ability to keep firing if you did that.
  • The strap/zip tie cutter is really a useful addition for opening packages, cutting 550 cord in the field, and so forth.  It’s a bit small to use in a personal vehicle as an emergency seat belt cutter, but it would be much better than not having anything.
  • The threaded hole on the side to take a cleaning rod section is a supberb innovation; I’ll be trying that when I next clean my AR.
  • The carbon scraper and pin pushing tool are also a plus.  In a pinch, the carbon scraper can be used as an awl, as well.

So, bottom line, out of the box, DTG rates the standard MUT an A-.  Get rid of the negative points at the beginning of this post, and you have an A+ tool.

From the, “You Gotta Be Sh!tt!n Me, Pyle!” Files….


“The New Black Panther Party, a “black power” movement, will carry firearms for self-defense during demonstrations in Cleveland ahead of next week’s Republican convention if allowed under Ohio law, the group’s chairman said. “  (Emphasis added.)

From, here.

Gee….this is where the incredulity comes in:  This is the same group of people threatening any and all Caucasian police officers with death simply because they’re Caucasian and any other police officer no matter their race or ethnicity.

Self-Defense?!?!?!!!  Really?

The mind boggles.  While Ohio allows open carry, I’m wondering where the line is going to be drawn at brandishing or ‘inciting an alarm.’  I’m betting if these folks decide to follow through with their concerns for ‘self-defense’ that they might be experiencing something called, ‘overwatch’….just a guess.

In any event, this weekend portends to be interesting on several levels:  The planned national, “Day of Rage,” the day/evening before the RNC Convention in Cleveland, and then the thousands of expected disrupters….errr…protestors of the legitimate political process recognized by the several States.

Keep your eyes on the skyline.

H/T to Wirecutter, here, for the news item.